Guitar Amplifier Modifications for Mesa Boogie, Marshall and Kemper

Amplifier Modifications: How to carry out mods to your amp. Re-bias your amplifier. 120 to 240 volt conversion. Kemper amplifier: adding a power amp internally. Marshall master volume mod and more.


Check out how to carry out some modifications to your amp

I don't go in to complete technical meltdown on this page or when I am making mods or repairs so don't expect massively complex technical mods for amps I don't have them available. But I just wanted to talk a bit about some of the simple small mods I have carried out on a few amps that I have. It's all unspectacular really but any mods that I do often are worth the effort and can improve the amp a little in one way or another and in some circumstances save you an awful lot of money..

These amp modificationss will be listed below in either a textural or video format but as I'm currently working on the site these might take a while to get here. Expect some Mesa Boogie and Marshall mods and maybe the odd other thing thrown in like conversions of voltages, Kemper amplifier addition of an internal power amp and more.

Converting a Mesa Boogie Road King II amp from 120 Volts to 240 Volts.

A light hearted video about amps that run too hot and how to tell.

Convert a non powered Kemper Amp to a Powered 2 x 90 Watt amplifier

Convert an Mesa Boogie ElectraDyne from 120v to 240 Volts

How to know when your tubes are failing in your valve amp even without a tube tester

Biasing a Marshall 1987x Tube Amp with a BiasMaster from TAD.

Please note that there will be more videos and 'How to's' coming to this section of my website but as always updates will be posted to the news page as they are completed.

I do NOT carry out work on amplifiers for others so please do not ask, but thank you for watching. 


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