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Guitars, Amps, Amplifiers, Effects, Fender, Gibson, PRS, Ibanez, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Egnater, Roland, Splawn, Ceriatone, Kemper, Divided by 13, Diezel, Dumble, Ground Control, Music, Video, Music Shows, Interviews, Music.Gear.Reviews and lots of things for guitarists that somehow you just don't easily find anywhere else together. There's even some guitar amp mods and conversions of well known amplifiers including 110/120 volt to 230/240 volt mains conversions that some makers don't want you to know how to make.

If you're fed up of reading reviews that don't quite tell the truth then this website will be a refreshing change and is for you. I have spent years buying musical equipment and showing what it's really like with my 'inside and out' reviews. These insights can save you from making really bad mistakes that later you might well regret; paid for or 'free gear' reviews in magazines and on the internet in many cases could be misleading; but here I pay for everything just like you do, helping to tell it how it really is from my point of view!

Some manufacturers wish this site did not exist! Find out before you buy, be informed and make the right choices before you own it and it's too late.

There are also effects pedals, 'how to' features such as making your own guitar, repairs and maintenance help and more. And my video section shows you how easy it is to fix your guitar or eliminate those sometimes annoying scratches; don't forget to check out videos of great players doing what they do best, playing live, captured with my video camera.

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Trusted Guitar Music Gear Reviews

Some of the rarest modern day guitars close up's and in depth reviews such as a Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul and a Dragon 2002 from Paul Reed Smith.

Using Mesa Boogie Amps

Love them or hate them, these guitar amplifiers are probably some of the best in the business. Find out how I get great tone and use them.

Build Your Own Guitar

I show you how to make a number of stratocaster style guitars and some telecaster type guitars. I show different builds and components on each build. Warmoth, Fender and other parts.

Latest News

Updates show the latest info and are usually consistent with lots of completed reviews and other info; check here for the latest of everything.

Tony's Guitars and Music

Check out the guitars that I own or have owned with close up's of many great guitars as well as music albums I have released through Big Dan studios.

Using Marshall Amps

A legend in their own right, Marshall Amplification is a 'must have' amplifier and here I show you some ways in which I use them and get good tones.

Guitar Amplifier Modifications

If you have a 110/120 volt amp and wish it was 230/240 volts then these 'how to' mods show you exactly how to convert a few world class amps. Other technical things too!

Contact Tony

If you have anything you want to ask then just use this form to contact Tony. Info, say hello, problem, or most other stuff. But please, no profanity!

Find out about musical equipment as you might well not have seen it shown before. I don't sell anything and if I have examined it I have typically bought it just like you. I dispose of much of the gear later because it does not quite live up to what some manufacturers say. I always say in the conclusions all the good and not so good points and end with a score.

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