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News as of 2nd September 2019

It's been a while since I came back to this place for updates etc. and I have neglected this website somewhat for the benefit of creating YouTube videos of reviews and other things usually interesting to musicians, studio operators and those sort of guys. Health problems have followed me around and those refuse to go away, and I have to say that as I get older this stuff does get harder to be motivated to do the work involved - which can be extensive and expensive for me.

I recently went back to take a look whether Fractal Audio equipment had improved over what I saw back in 2011 with the Axe-FX III. I spent literally a number of months creating an inside and out review covering most of the things I do with other simulators and amps etc. and even asked some guys around to play a track each and give their opinions on what they heard and saw. That video was around 3 1/2 hours long and covered so many things that no one ever talks about. Things like the quality, the chips used, the pricing of the components, the approvals of the device, the firmware, the editor, using the front panel, the back panel, using the editor and lastly musicians playing. Indeed, the most thorough review likely that anyone has ever seen.

And just like back in 2011 with the Axe-FX II, I was ridiculed, harassed, threatened, verbally abused and more. And here's me thinking that surely the clowns from 2011 had gone. None of it. They were and are just as awful as they have ever been.

But this time I decided to kill the video review after a few days of it all. Some of those characters even came on this website, filled out the form and made threats. I have each and every one of those names and their IP addresses so there's no hiding behind stupid silly names that they use when filling out forms on here. In future particularly on this website I will publish each and every one of them with their details. Maybe others could do it back to them? Who knows.

In any case, I worked to reduce the size of the video review and as well as that I WILL create a review on this site that shows exactly the sort of things that V3 is made of, the quality and a bunch of other stuff because that's what I found in a review. It will take a while.

But one things for sure, those horrible nasty people are as bad as they always were and good luck to anyone that dare venture there for help of any kind. Animals springs to mind. I did also buy another website called which I guess I'll do something with. What's 'AXEFX' mean - simple: Its an abbreviation for "A Xenophobic Entrepreneur Featuring Xanax" which I rather like.

In any case visit my YouTube channel for recent reviews and make no mistake I'll be back. 

News as of 19th March 2019

Yes, I have been working on this website behind the scenes so to speak. Now more compatible with mobile phones and all that other god stuff. Over the coming months I'm going to start bringing back online updates and reviews of equipment. Also after the Dallas Guitar Show there will be a report on that and what I saw there... no doubt some cool video as seen by me as I wander around there. I'm also currently waiting the 'Smart Multiamp' from DV-Mark that should be a very interesting unit to see close up.

As well as the above, you will see more of the semi-completed pages getting updates as well. Sometimes with the video that was not always pertinent, but at least with this website I'm in control of the content rather than a half assed approach by YouTube that fails to promote my videos simply because my channel is not monetized for their benefit... who said YouTube is not biased? They clearly are. But maybe if I made lame videos about rabbits or something like that then the viewer count would rise. Not for me... I'll continue to post videos, but only as a benefit for this website.

My studio was updated to Presonus gear throughout and the trust Yamaha O2R96 (02R96) was sold. I also used a MOTU LP32 which proved very useful for recovering the multitrack recordings from over 30 years of work! Recommended. Other information in recent videos.

In any case, here I am and if you only just found the site, welcome, and if you're an old hand... welcome :)

News as of 24th January 2018

I noticed that Roland Boss have a new Effects unit the GT-1000 which promises some wonderful stuff at a great price. As soon as I can get one I'll be doing an inside and out review. Here's the current holding page with some info and a video: GT-1000

I am back from the doctors and am gradually but slowly improving so watch this space...

Currently I have a chest infection. Once that is out of the way then I intend to get back to this site and get some real updating done. Seems like one thing after another I guess but do bear with me and I'll be doing this site next. I just hate letting guys down but currently I have little choice. As Arnie said... I'll be back... 

News as of January 6th 2018

Well... I did not get to the website for new reviews but I DID make seven different ones on YouTube over the Christmas period and I trust anyone who comes here has seen them... they took extended time to make.

But I did also come on here and update the section about 'Awesome John' my friend Asim Can Gunduz. In case you have 'never heard of Awesome John' I reckon you should visit his page on this site. Asim and also visit for info about the guitar that was made for him by Fender. Asim passed away around June 2016. RIP Asim you are missed my friend.

I intend to update this site over January 2018... at least that's the plan!

News as of December 10th 2017

I added a section on the menu's to review music that is sent to me. The first review is an album called 'Trenches' from a band called Stolen Apple from Florence Italy.

I am not actually looking to review albums so please understand that unless you are particularly persistent then I won't be adding albums by the day. I'm not really an album reviewer, but I did find the one from Stolen Apple interesting to say the least. Whether 'Stolen Apple' agree with my review is another story, but my comments really are unbiased and I knew nothing of the band before the review so I guess it is a genuine review with that sort of mentality in place...

I will be updating the site a little over Christmas hopefully. My left arm suffered from 'tendonitis' and has been hard to get rid of but it is slowly going away. Here in the UK the wait for Physiotherapy from the 'so called' NHS (National Health Service) is frankly a joke. The government takes your money, but where I live the health service is rubbish. Indeed when I had major problems a few years ago I had to go to a different hospital to ensure (in my opinion) that I was treated properly. My local NHS Trust is grim.

As I often say... I'll be back!

Older news has now been deleted to manage the page better - it was from 2009-here.

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