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News as of 24th January 2018

I noticed that Roland Boss have a new Effects unit the GT-1000 which promises some wonderful stuff at a great price. As soon as I can get one I'll be doing an inside and out review. Heres the current holding page with some info and a video: GT-1000

I am back from the doctors and am gradually but slowly improving so watch this space...

Currently I have a chest infection. Once that is out of the way then I intend to get back to this site and get some real updating done. Seems like one thing after another I guess but do bear with me and I'll be doing this site next. I just hate letting guys down but currently I have little choice. As Arnie said... I'll be back... 

News as of January 6th 2018

Well... I did not get to the website for new reviews but I DID make seven different ones on YouTube over the Christmas period and I trust anyone who comes here has seen them... they took extended time to make.

But I did also come on here and update the section about 'Awesome John' my friend Asim Can Gunduz. In cas you have 'never heard of Awesome John' I reckon you should visit his page on this site. Asim and also visit for info about the guitar that was made for him by Fender. Asim passed away around June 2016. RIP Asim you are missed my friend.

I intend to update this site over January 2018... at least that's the plan!

News as of December 10th 2017

I added a section on the menu's to review music that is sent to me. The first review is an album called 'Trenches' from a band called Stolen Apple from Florence Italy.

I am not actually looking to review albums so please understand that unless you are particularly persistant then I won't be adding albums by the day. I'm not really an album reviewer, but I did find the one from Stolen Apple interesting to say the least. Whether 'Stolen Apple' agree with my review is another story, but my comments really are unbiased and I knew nothing of the band before the review so I guess it is a genuine review with that sort of mentality in place...

I will be updating the site a little over Christmas hopefully. My left arm suffered from 'tendonitis' and has been hard to get rid of but it is slowly going away. Here in the UK the wait for Physiotherapy from the 'so called' NHS (National Health Service) is frankly a joke. The government takes your money, but where I live the health service is rubbish. Indeed when I had major problems a few years ago I had to go to a different hospital to ensure (in my opinion) that I was treated properly. My local NHS Trust is grim.

As I often say... I'll be back!

News as of November 11th 2017

I have not updated the site for a while... earlier I was distressed because my sister passed away with cancer... a truly horrible disease and one I hope no one out there suffers from.

Please note that this site is now a secure SSL website and the address is please update any links that you might have... if you see anything rather strange on here - report it via my contact form... thanks. Doing this has taken a while, but rest assured that now this website is completely secure - I had to jump through these hoops thanks to 'Google' again dictating very stringent criteria so that they don't 'demote' your website down their lists. And to think that some people actually like Google! My opinion? a very nasty money driven organization that sucks data (and money) from anyone who even remotely uses them in any way.

I was going to get back to this site as you see below in July but never really had the time as I was working on many video reviews as well as going on vacation. Thankfully the reviews in video format are now slowing a little and some of the YouTube guys are crazy people who I have little time for, but thankfully the good guys appreciate what I do.

In any case, over the next month or so (well through to January 4th or thereabouts) I'll be getting back to updating this website with the reviews I should have completed, but will include the video reviews also as I go as they are an important part of the overall reviews for this website and I do think those offer a different perspective than the written word. So please bear with me... I have a very sore left arm at the moment and I can't play right now - and even typing is harder to do... and no, it's really not an excuse... the pain really is there. I look forward to bringing online some of this stuff as I said so please do come back and check as we get through the end of December when I have spare time to complete more reviews. Thanks for being patient!

News as of July 10th 2017

Well I am back working on this website again and starting to update and add some more reviews as well as working to complete others on here. Below you will see the list as of 1st October 2016 some of the reviews I have completed in bold, but others will be updated as I get to them. I decided to add a review of the Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Head that I recently bought because that amp is such a strong amplifier you should get to see the full written review. It is now on the menu but it all takes time which I'm now getting back in to on here. Thanks for hanging in with me.

News as of 7th February 2017

Unfortunately my sister was recently very ill and resulted in her death from spinal cancer. It is a very sad story but if you want to know more about how she was failed by the medical people visit this website:

Right now I am very distracted to family matters. 

News as of 31st December 2016

As you will see below on my 1st October posting below I have highlighted some of the reviews which are now online and they are now available to view from the menu's and below. I have been busy doing loads of stuff but am probably like most guys... waiting fro new gear to be launched at the winter NAMM in California in January 2017. I was scheduled to visit, but unfortunately at the last minute I can't make it for business reasons. Oh well, no doubt I'll be reviewing gear as it becomes available.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest to 'guess the guitar' and if you won then well done, and if you did not, better luck next time. All visitors... have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year and I look forward to doing more of those close up reviews to show what is or is not the best guitarists gear around.

More additions soon.

News as of 1st October 2016  

The Gravity Waves CD is now available everywhere and I'm getting back to updating this website over the next few weeks with lots of reviews and updates of website. Here's a rundown of what's to come presently so check back as these come on line. You will notice short sized holding pages first - with content being added subsequently. Here's a list in no particular order of the things being added or updated:

  • THD Univalve amplifier inside and out review
  • Palmer 'Drei' inside and out review
  • Why you NEED a Class A amplifier
  • Tokai Les Paul upgrade
  • Kemper DI Box Review - now online
  • Meze 'NEO' Headphones review - now online
  • A visit to 'Music Store Pro' a local guitar shop and what's it's like in there
  • The Proel WM240 guitar wireless system reviewed - now online
  • Axe Handler guitar stand review - now online
  • Why Gibson remains at the top of the tree of guitar makers - a personal view
  • Xotic SL drive pedal review - just like a Plexi! - now online
  • How to recover your amplifier
  • Ceriatone Chupacabra Amplifier Inside and Out Review - now online
  • Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal Review
  • Dr. J Distortion Pedal Review
  • Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal review
  • Digitech 'The Drop' pedal review
  • Fender Elite Stratocaster Review - online now
  • Fender Elite Volume knob fix up - online now
  • Fulltone 'Secret Freq' tone and drive pedal review - online now
  • Guitarists solo and songwriting manual review - now online
  • How to bias your tube amplifier
  • Easily check your tube amplifier tubes
  • The Gravity Waves Album Review and making of with audio samples
  • Bogner Brixton Inside and Out Review - now online
  • Bogner Goldfinger 45 Inside and Out Review
  • Bogner Wessex Drive Pedal Review

So I guess you could say that I have my work cut out for a month ort two! I'll be making the menu and pages firstly then add content over a number of weeks so please do watch this space - the website is big to start off with but it's going to get bigger!

I'll be adding video review content as well as I usually do to the above, but you will get a 'different' perspective on the gear under review after using it for some time. I may also revisit old favorites such as the Mesa Mark V and offer newer insights and perspectives since the review was completed... in fact that might happen to many reviews on this site.

That's it for now so keep an eye on here and I'm sure you will love some of the things coming up. Time to get busy...


News as of 24th August 2016  

The CD is now with me and is just available on iTunes (search for Tony Mckenzie) and you will find it there. Release for the real deal (not download) is 29th August, but on you can buy it now. We're offering the 'Berner Street' album free if you buy the Gravity Waves CD on there so its a good deal. These have sold very well to date.

In other stuff on YouTube ( I have recently reviewed a Chupacabra amp from Ceriatone, a Bogner Wessex pedal, a Fulltone 'Secret Freq', and a Fender Elite Stratocaster among other stuff such as a Line6 35 wireless microphone system. Ill be adding some of these reviews to this site in due course.

Lastly I'm going to make a review video of the Gravity Waves CD and the music on there, but more importantly a video showing how we made the CD from start to finish... the recording, the amps, guitars, recording gear, software problems, jumping through hoops, agro, costs - the whole thing and anyone interested in that sort of thing (you might want to do it) then that video will be priceless. Ill be putting that on here in written form too and it should go some way towards being a very useful page for many guys.

Back soon.... 

News as of 31 July 2016 

I have been working very hard of late to create a new music CD along with Alan Bruce called Gravity Waves. Originally scheduled for 2014 but not out until now because of health problems from 2014... in any case I just finished the website called (check it out) where you can learn more about the music and what went in to the album. It is scheduled to release around 29th August but if anyone wants one they can buy on there and the CD will be sent as soon as we have them back from the makers - these are replicated proper CD's too! The album includes laid back blues, Texas blues, instrumental rock, old style and modern rock and even tinges of metal. For guys that buy the Gravity Waves CD we're giving away the Berner Street Album as a gift - only applicable on When its published I trust guys will like it. BTW we decided to NOT stream this CD but it will be available from iTunes, Amazon and loads of other places if you prefer MP3 types of files. I hope you like it in due course... now I can get back to some reviews :)

Reviews coming up over the next few weeks on my YouTube channel include a comparison review between a Ibanez Jem Junior and an Ibanez Jem 7VWH real deal showing close-up the real differences between the two guitars, a Boss DD500 digital delay Inside and Out Review, a Ceriatone Chupacabra Amp with snakeskin covering Inside and Out review, The Fulltone Secret Freq pedal Inside and Out review, the Kemper DI box Inside and Out review from Kemper and Ill be talking about the profiling of amps without the cab and lastly there is a Fender Elite Stratocaster coming that I recently bought but are waiting for delivery. Most if not all of these YouTube reviews will be coming to this website too :)

So as I always say... I'll be back.. think a couple of weeks for all those reviews if I am OK on time. That's it for now...

News as of 28th May 2016

I recently checked out a D&A HYDRA guitar stand and loaded it up with $37000 worth of guitars then proceeded to 'test the stand' by throwing it around... did the guitars survive? Check out this review right now... very interesting to watch, The D&A Hydra Review.

News as of 9th May 2016

I have just finished (near enough) rewriting the website dedicated to 'The Dream' Stratocaster that I bought from Awesome John and later sold to 'Ginger Pete'. While this website has a section on the dream Stratocaster the dedicated site has far more info. You might like to know that 'The Dream' Stratocaster was made by Fender for 'Awesome John' an artist and it cost Fender at least three years and $70,000 at cost to make that guitar. It is the only 24 fret through neck Fender have ever made so it's something a little special.

Indeed Awesome John checked the site today and said 'Wow, How beautiful! the new site is! Tony you have fully documented a piece of Fender history! So much of that original research used to construct the Dream is now standard procedure in many Fender models... Your efforts have created a hall of fame for a very unique guitar "that drove Fender crazy for 3 years" but in the end caused everyone at Fender to think outside the box and build a wonderfully "musical" guitar full of character! But that amazing guitar dulls in comparison to the true gem which is "you" Tony..'.

I really appreciate those comments especially from such a talented artist and don't forget to check Awesome John out at If you want to check out the dream strat go to and see what he's talking about... its a great guitar and a great site showing much insider information about that guitar and who worked so hard on it.

I recently completed my 'Harley Benton' chain saw video where I at last dumped the HB forever. I was not sad to see it go and to be honest it was just about the only thing I could have done with it... it was not a good buy. Some disagree but... well they would.

Other reviews coming up on here follow similar lines as my YouTube channel. See you all soon.

News as of 2nd April 2016

Updated the Bare Knuckle Pickups review to include a recent set of 'The Mule' pickups... check it from the main menu. Other updates coming on line over the next few weeks.

New review and how to update a Harley Benton SC-450 guitar. This upgrade did not entirely go to plan, but the end results were worth the effort - particularly in my case. This review is available from the main menu or here: Harley Benton Upgrade-Review

News as of 26th December 2015

I did a quick update of the Fractal Axe FX page following a recent forum page I found.

Read it here: and it might help someone to decide about the support and technical issues of the equipment as received by other guys.

News as of 31st October 2015 Halloween!

The Line6 HELIX video has been posted and is complete on the line6 Helix review page. Some people who use 'other equipment' don't like my genuine and truthful review about the Helix while everyone else has confirmed in drones that the reviews (both video and written) are excellent in their opinion. So I just want to thank all the genuine guys that contact me about my reviews with very kind words. These reviews cost me dearly but it's a pleasure to create them for you. Thanks for visiting this website and for watching the video or reading the review of this great piece of technology for guitarists.

News as of 25th October 2015

I have a friend that is trying hard to get a guitarists forum off the ground that is a friendly forum for guitarists... there's a change! Here's the link and if you pop along to see what its all about then do tell him tony sent you: The Guitarists Sound

News as of 12th September 2015

I have completed the basic structure and content of the website, and you will now find loads of pages complete, but lots of pages where some content has to be updated or written. In a project as big as this one is that is inevitable. If a particular top menu item does not work it is because it is not yet complete. ALL completed sections of the website will be posted here on this page as I complete them or extend reviews etc. For example some of 'Tony's Guitars' section are very old and need extending or changing a little.

There are many new sections too such as guitar maintenance, amp mods, many new reviews and other sections that were in video format but not written on here, but those are now added and will be completed as the site moves forward.

So today I am publishing this website that also now works on tablets and cellphones and if you find any glaring problems just let me know via the contact for so I can fix it. Here we go and I guess if you are reading this I completed it. Thanks.

The last thing.. if you have visited before be sure to clean the cache from your browser or the new site could work incorrectly.


News as of 5th September 2015

I continue with rewriting this site.. added the guitar, amps, effects and accessories pages and images took nearly two weeks alone. Lots of guys just don't understand the amount of work involved in an update like this to such a big site.

As you browse around this new site you should check and click on everything that you can because some features are not available from say the main menu and of course some other features are only available from the main menu. I have designed this new site to be simple to use but with very many hidden features that if you just look on the main menu you will probably miss some of the newer stuff I have written.

The parts for the 'Blue' Telecaster (to match the Strat) have arrived and Ill be doing a complete in detail build of that guitar with some special features. The Line6 Helix is still not with me neither is the Roland Blues Cube Tour head. I completed the videos of the 1987x and the TSL100 recovering and those will be on here once I get this site further down the road. That's it for now.


News as of 26th July 2015

I have been working on the updated website for three weeks. This update is a massive amount of work and thanks to Google who have insisted that my website is 'mobile phone' compatible or they will down rate this website. I don't really think that's the way to operate a search engine by dictating how you write your website? They are there to provide search results whatever the website. That's the problem sometimes, when these companies get too big, or just focus on their own money, they really do not give a damn about small companies or guys like me trying to just help others.

If there was any way of contesting that I surely would, but they are specific in saying 'update your website to be 'mobile friendly' or we'll downgrade your website! Given the task maybe I should send them a bill. So this website is being updated because I have ZERO ability to argue. Nice people huh? Next time you have anything to do with them if you can, vote with your feet it's the only thing they understand.

News as of 19th July 2015

I am currently waiting for equipment to review from back order as follows:

Roland Boss: Blues Cube Tour Head and module, also a new synth module that claims to not need a interface for guitar and is polyphonic

Line 6: Helix floor pedal

I recently bought a Marshall 1987X head and tidied it up a little. How to bias your amp coming presently and a review if this great reissue amp

I also bought an old favorite that I should have never sold a Marshall TSL100; this one was bought for £300 ($450) but looks cool. Ill be showing more about that amp in due course maybe even how to recover it.

I just bought a Empress Effects Super delay pedal that just about could be the last word in delay pedals. This will be reviewed when I get time.

That's it for now.

News as of 6th June 2015

I recently got back from seeing the specialist who operated on me just over a year ago and he says I'm all good to go :)


News as of 28th September 2014

The Roland GP-10 review is now online HERE

I'm currently working on other reviews like the Eventide H9 and some other stuff but time is currently my enemy.

I went for my latest checkup to hospital (its 6 months since I had the operation) and they said I remained 100% clear. If you're 39 or above guys, get checked for prostate cancer because finding it later than earlier will be fatal in most cases.

I go back to the USA presently and will be in Dallas TX and probably Arlington TX. Whoopee :)

News as of 28th September 2014

I have been busy doing a number of reviews and buying equipment to review. As well as this I went on vacation for some weeks to the USA (a great place to me if you like music) but sadly only found a couple of things to check out.

Often its the same old stuff there over and over so this time I have been more conservative in my ways :)

I have started to update reviews pages on tis site, and will now get the reviews written one at a time, they take me a long time to do but will eventually get there... the holding pages are published so that gives Google some time to wake up :)

Reviews coming presently in written format are: GT-001 Baroni-Lab Vintage Pedals

Becos on-Board Micro Preamp Bias and JamUp Custom Telecaster Build Diezel Hagen Tone Shaper Switching and the Orange Jim Root #4 Amp.

Needless to say these are not two minute reviews.

My health has improved since the operation and I'm now much better than I was in May so on that side hopefully its all good.

I'm also working on videos of a PRS Private Stock close up video and an Eventide H9 Harmonizer video review that will also be on here in due course.

The videos page is going to mutate in to two pages... as loading up one is too slow... I'm getting all the videos on this site too.

That's it for now but watch those pages as they will come online over the coming weeks.

News as of 27th May 2014

Well I'm back from the operation and while I am slowly gaining strength it's a slow sort of thing to try and do. Today I posted my first video on YouTube since the operation - a short review of the Roland Boss GT-001 which they say is the same as a GT-100 but for the desktop. Check it out on my YouTube channel, but trust me it is not that great a product :(

In any case I need to get some more pages on this site, so as I move forward I have some nice reviews in mind that you probably will not find anywhere like I tend to review stuff.

I have thousands of visitors to this site on an on going basis, and just today had 9000 subscribers on YouTube with 2.3 million views. I want to personally thank you all for visiting my website and/or YouTube channel. I think it's a privilege to be able to help in some way.

Until next time.... watch this space

News as of 26 April 2014

I go for an operation on May the 1st 2014 as confirmed with surgeons just the other day.

Please note that while I am recuperating I will be sending far less emails so my apologies if any answers are delayed (for up to two months).

If I'm not replying after two months then who knows. I guess I'll be OK, but please, if you don't get responses then you could guess why.

I have no other updates right now.

 Thanks to every guy that has visited here since 2009 and I hope I have helped in some way.

If it's possible you can be sure I'll be back.

News as of 12 November 2013

Hi guys, firstly some news that relates to my health.

I was recently informed that I have prostate cancer. While this is in the earlier stages of the disease it is likely that it will affect the reviews that I will carry out in the shorter term. I will be getting that health problem resolved (hopefully) over the next few months. If for some obscure reason It does not get resolved, then I thank you all for visiting this site and seeing the things I have developed (and of course on my YouTube channel). BTW if you do go there, just click those little thumbs on my channel as that is always appreciated.

Now on to better stuff.

I just completed the review of the Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister 36 and I think you will like the written review somewhat. I enjoyed making the videos of that one and love playing through that amp. Its a corker and can be recommended, but I would read the review and don't just assume everything is rosy with that amp.

I will be working on the Orange Terror Jim Root #4 written review, but it will take me longer than anticipated originally. Also the 'head to head' comparison between those two amps will take a little longer.

So please do check out this latest review of the Grandmeister 36 and I hope it helps you to make good decisions among some of the rubbish out there ;-)

I'll be back!

News as of 6th May 2013

Latest review of the DV-Mark Multiamp is on the video page and online on my YouTube channel now . This video took three weeks to make and is one of my 'Inside and Out' Review series about modern guitar amplifiers where I show you more than just what the maker wanted you to see. This is an extensive and long video (over 1 hour) but includes most features including how to update the Firmware, Sounds, I/O, Processors used and much more. It's all finished off with Andy James playing the Multiamp specifically for in one section and his playing is as always exemplary. Check out Andy James and BUY his Music!

I have another DV-Mark product (the Triple 6 old version) which I will also review presently. I bought that for around HALF PRICE as the Triple 6 has now been updated (but so has the price) so I bought this one at a bargain price. Brilliant for Metal stuff... watch this space for the review coming soon.

News as of 27th April 2013

I am recently back from the Music Messe over in Frankfurt Germany and saw many new and some not so new products, met a few new friends and visited some stands of the products I have previously reviewed on this website.

You will see on my YouTube page at least 8 new videos of the things I saw including the DV-Mark Multiamp, Marshall, G-Lab, Thomas Blug and Hughes & Kettner and many more.

Many of those visits yielded enough things to write about and you will see some of those reviewed products on this website starting in May 2013.

One product I liked was the DV-Mark Multiamp that is a amplifier emulator (or simulator) similar to the Axe-FX series, but includes a stereo 500w amp and is roughly half the price! Probably a bargain but we shall see in the forthcoming Inside and Out Review that I am currently developing. And just so you get a really good idea about how it sounds I asked Andy James to play a little just to show you exactly how good that Multiamp really is.

Watch out for these additions to the site... there are some exciting things coming.

News as of 15th February 2013

It has been a while since I last updated this site but here I am now. I did go through some ill health issues but fortunately I'm still around so I hope that you guys appreciate what goes in to my YouTube channel and this website.

I have just completed an installation of a Power Transformer in to my Mesa Boogie Road King II. This is important because it shows how to do this... and the procedures will be vaguely similar for other amps too. You are no longer stuck with that external transformer and can install a power transformer with 100, 117, 220, 230 or 240 Volts input.

There is a new review of Lee Jacksons Marshall Amplifier Modifications and Marshall JCM800 Ultimate Bench Warrior Videos; these are great to learn about mods that people like George Lynch who used Lee to develop some unique mods in George's amps. These videos also show the safety aspect of what you need to service amps safely. The videos include: how to modify your own amp; he goes through step by step instructions covering testing, biasing, final setup, tone settings and more. The mods create more low end, more gain, better tone, less noise, smoother distortion and the DVD's come with Lee's own schematic diagrams. This series has expanded these days to Fender amps, Ampeg, Crate and many more brands of amps including Lees 'Metaltronix' amps.  Visit Lee Jacksons Website.

I have also put a whole section of Videos on my YouTube channel, and replicated them here on my video page so you don't have to go there if you don't want to.

Coming in the near future is a new Guitar Build. This will be a Warmoth Body, but surprisingly a Warmoth neck; I have shied away from those since I bought one last about 6 or 7 years ago. At that time it was awful. Has Warmoth gotten better? We shall see. The guitar is a Telecaster Style with some nice features and I know many guys are waiting for my next guitar build. So I twisted the guitar in to a guitar that many might not consider; at least until they see this one I make. I can't wait!

Lastly, I might update my Kemper amp to one of the new rack versions with integral power amp and if I do it will be fully reviewed right here on as well as video on my YouTube channel.

News as of 4th August 2012

By the 6th August or thereabouts we'll have the long awaited Marshall JVM410H JOE SATRIANI amp head on this site under review. Its again a long review and we compare some of the changes between this and the previous incarnation of the JVM. Is the amp improved over the old version? is this REALLY worth the extra money? Check it out HERE.

News as of 3rd August 2012

Some of you out there will be using Cubase 6+ to record your work. I've recently taken delivery of the controllers from Steinberg and might just review them presently. These have come down in price to what is now realistic at around £75 each (street price) and are probably made by Yamaha. Nice... and now even nicer at this price. Watch this site for more on that.

News as of 3rd June 2012

We recently had a phone call from a guy in LA called Blan Alaruse. Apparently he is an interviewer and anchorman on one of those USA TV stations that major on rock bands. He gave us a small press release about a band called the 'FocknRollers'. Honestly, we had never heard of them! But in any case he insisted these guys are the best thing to come out of LA for some time and that made us look closer.

Blan did show us some of the outtakes from his new video rockumentary and we have to say that those guys are quite unbelievable - never have we seen anything like them before - and Blan said they were really big underground and we had to see them live. Here's a link to a page we put up about the 'FocknRollers' and we are really looking forward to seeing the finished results of Blan's efforts... awesome stuff.

OTHER STUFF coming soon is a review of the new Marshall JVM410HJS ( a Marshall amp that Joe Satriani has had a hand in) and let's hope that Joe 'fixed' that amp once and for all. Review probably sometime June or July 2012.

The new Review of the PRS Dragon 2002 is also now online with links to the video review too. Find out more about that great guitar in the review.

The PRS Dragon III Review is now complete as is the Video of the same guitar where you get to see lots about it you might not have known.

News as of 22nd April 2012

Now online is my long awaited review of the GT-100 Floor Pedal from Roland Corp.

Is this pedal as good as it needs to be to fend off the competition? and is this GT-100 going to be a winner or a loser in the race for the perfect floor pedal. Find out more about the Pedal in our new GT-100 Review

News as of 5th February 2012

I have decided to 'open up' a section of the reviews pages for 'guest' reviewers out there. Here's how it works:

  • Write a GREAT review of a new piece of equipment
  • Email it to me at
  • I'll consider the review and if you're successful it will be published on this site

Please note that I have no regard whatsoever for professionals to send in reviews - I can typically do without those. If you have a vested interest in promoting a site that's equally not cool. I also need high quality images. You MUST own the kit.

News as of 28th January 2012

Great news - I have reviewed the Kemper Profiler Amp Amplifier inside and out (as I usually do. This review is found in the AMPLIFIER reviews section of this website. There is also a video review on my YouTube channel at and also a copy on the video page on this site.

There's also a website being developed to upload or download profiles for the Kemper Amp coming from us at: I was going to disregard that site, but have decided to ignore the charlatans out there and proceed anyway. New profiles on the way. If you have any then email me with the details and I'll put them up there.

I have reviewed (thanks to a friend of mine) a Divided by 13 amp which he has just bought and has kindly agreed to let me review (it gets expensive when you have to fund it all yourself as I do). Please note that is not a begging note so please don't offer - I don't need your money.

Lastly, I was asked by Fractal Audio to surrender my website '' to them as I was in breach of their trade mark. I checked on the internet for such a trade mark with the USA and European bodies that handle trade marks but could not find one pertaining to 'fractal audio' so I asked for proof by return email. If they can provide the proof that they own that exact trade mark then they are more than welcome to the domain. If not?

Well then in that case I guess you would know that they did not own that particular trade mark so then they would have no right to the domain. The site clearly states that all trade marks are acknowledged. They would then be unable to enforce a trade mark which they don't own against any alleged  'breach' of 'their' trade mark. All they need to do is provide the proof and they can have it. I guess someone calling me a 'chucklehead' does not help.

I gave up waiting for their 'proof' and have now discounted their claims. It's a ploy often used by companies and when you check the 'trademark' it simply does not exist.

That's the last I'll ever bother talking about Fumble Audio.

News as at 4th December 2011

I have spent some time and money recently reviewing an Axe-FX II. That unit believe it or not cost me near enough £2675.00 and its now been sold. Thankfully.

Click on Axe-FX II to find out why I sold it... you might be surprised about the reason.

News as at 14th August 2011

I just added a page called Street Prices which discusses price fixing of musical equipment in the retail industry.

News as at 6th August 2011

YJM100 was changed out (covered in the Review)

Gilroy Guitars - review of 'wood' scratch plate for Fender Strat

News as at 1st August 2011

YJM100 Marshall amp review is online now YJM100 Review with comments from Santiago Alvarez from Marshall Amplification PLC

Video of the inside of the YJM100 is on my YouTube Channel

Check presently for a second video of the sound quality but not played as Yngwie would - but probably more like you might!

News as of 27th July 2011

YJM100 Marshall amp is landing tomorrow.

That's right! The new Marshall YJM100 is landing with me tomorrow. I'm told its one of the first 25 units to be released by the factory and like many guys I'm looking forward to reviewing that unit. WATCH THIS SPACE!

News as of 17th July 2011

New: Review of the Blade runner Tremolo from Super Vee.

This is a review subsequent to the installation of the Blade Runner on a fender Strat.

The review of the Fender Custom Strat 'Blue' is now online HERE

This review shows you some of the manufacturers kit I used to develop this unique Stratocaster.

I just checked out the YJM100 with Marshall amps here in the UK to confirm the delivery dates. My contact did say they were being made and 'trickling out' of the factory - and that July was the start of the real shipments no less. Well.... I'm still waiting for that amp to review. I could not locate a single amplifier at any dealer I called in the UK just at the end of last week so I'm not that convinced of the story so far. Needless to say, if anyone finds one in the wild then let me know! As of 17th July still no amps anywhere...

I also took the time to order (yes I have to pay for everything on this site) an Axe-FX II or new better stronger faster one than the older units (so they say) and have chased the delivery up with that one too - to be advised that there was a small shipment which hit the UK on around the start of July and a second one will hit down nearer the end of the month (to the European distributor ) Ill keep the news pages up to speed on that one and get the thing reviewed should it ever turn up. 17th July - I'm told that this product is sometime past the end of this month.

Lastly I have completed the 'blue' strat I built and that's online on YouTube on my channel where I'm sure you will like what you see. You might even like the sounds too :-) Its also here on this site. Review is as at the top of this page for 17th July.

Older News

I have uploaded the 'Blue' strat feature in 'my guitars' and made video of the guitar in action on the video pages and YouTube.

Review of the guitar coming presently as well as reviews of other equipment I used to make the guitar such as Seymour Duncan 1953 'Antiquity' pickups and the 'super-v' 'Blade runner' tremolo...  should prove great reading... 

NEW review of Fender Custom Stratocaster I built with many options and a whole video from start to finish of the build. If you are frightened of trying this out yourself - don't be! watch the video and read the reviews HERE

Warmoth Body replacements for Fender Strats HERE and soon HERE too.

A review of Fender Strat pickups from David White from the UK. Sadly David passed away a number of years ago, but his legacy of those pickups remains. But what are they really like? Find out HERE

The long awaited review of the Roland GR-55 is now online HERE and also watchable on YouTube HERE

Other news: 

Rock Prodigy Awarded 2011 “Education” Appy Award

LOS ANGELES (Mar. 3, 2011) – Rock Prodigy™ in Apple® iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® Touch.

 Rock Prodigy is available for free in the iTunes App Store, with premium feature packs starting at $9.99. More information at

 About the Way of H, Inc.

The Way of H, Inc. is a music technology company based in Los Angeles focused on changing the way people learn, play and interact with music. Rock Prodigy, the company’s first product, is a revolutionary interactive music app powered by patent-pending polyphonic pitch-recognition technology that allows musicians of all skill levels to use any instrument and provide instant performance feedback to accelerate learning.

 For more information, visit

News as of 22nd February 2011

No doubt some of you have heard of Rock Prodigy - the free download for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod - hers some more recent info about this stuff:

22nd February Press Release:  The Way of H, Inc. has announced the names of the advisory team that helped guide the creation and launch of Rock Prodigy (see below for other info on this).

Actually for a press release type of thing this is actually quite interesting to read. This talks about the Rock Prodigy and the guys who guided the project forward - very interesting.

Check it out - you may well learn something...  Download the PDF of the document: Way of H advisory Team

14th (January revisited): Los Angeles – based  The Way of H, inc. have announced the release of Rock Prodigy, a free guitar instruction app for the Apple iPhone, and iPad.

Rock Prodigy’s patent-pending polyphonic pitch-recognition technology hears the notes that the user plays on their guitar, and provides feedback in order to accelerate learning. The app allows users to learn song by, among others, Metallica, Grateful Dead, Fall Out Boy, and Johnny Cash.

Unlike traditional tablature, Rock Prodigy’s performance cues show rhythm, timing, and note durations with real-time interaction and performance evaluation.

Rock Prodigy’s web entity was handled by independent software developer Seismic Games.

Click Here to download Rock Prodigy from the iTunes store for free.

This all sounds good and you should download this NOW! In any case check it out.

Other stuff coming on line presently will be the Roland GR-55 - lets call it a synth/emulator/effects/everything machine for now. This GR-55 is claimed to have stored presets in there that need absolutely no mods to use effectively.

Before I even test it - it is very likely that this will not be the case - but I will not prejudge the GR-55 even before I have my hands on one. Stay tuned its going to land here in the UK anytime now and I intend to do a slightly in depth review of the best parts of this unit and point out the not so good bits too.

News as of 22nd January 2011

Well, much has gone on since I last updated the news page.

I reviewed a HD500 floor pedal and decided that I should sell it - fast. The one thing that bothers me is when a piece of music kit is really not what they say it is, and the HD500 was at least for me exactly that. I have the review on this site so check that from the menu on the left under reviews exactly why I sold it so fast.

I also reviewed a Marshall AFD100 amplifier head from Marshall here in the UK. I have used Marshall and many other brands of amps for years but I can tell you that the AFD100 is one of the best amps I have used in recent times - at ANY price. Simply a great piece of modern musical equipment - check the review out in the reviews section - with two videos on those pages.

Another product which really impressed me was the Sanyo Pedal Juice battery eliminator. I tried to run it down for EIGHT hours with SIX pedals going flat out over the whole time and you know what... it was STILL going. No noise or hum, just great power. And it recharged back up in just about three and a half hours. They have now introduced a black version - the one I have here was white just like an Apple computer (yuk).

I am also looking forward to reviewing the GR-55 from Roland corp. This is a synthesizer pedal for guitar that promises an awful lot in a completely unique package for a reasonable price... that review is probably February or March 2011 depending when they can send me a pedal - I have my order in right now. This will as always be a completely no bull review - I promise. I have a love/hate thing with Roland, some of their kit really is awesome (VG-99 for example - check the review on this site) but some (GT-8) is not too cool - especially if you want it to do what it should. But this one seems like a potentially good piece of kit - we shall see.

Older News as of 22nd September 2010

Firstly I just stopped that incessant background music ♥

There are new videos of lots of things I do.

I just uploaded a video of the insides of the Mesa Boogie Road King II in case anyone wants a look to see what these are made of - on YouTube - my channel is tonymckenziecom (without the dot...) or just check the Road King II an insiders View video HERE

There's also a new video on the video page of Rockett Effects Pedals demonstrated with a Train wreck amp at the Dallas guitar show 2010 which I recorded - check it out - there's some old fender strats at the end of that video too.

I just reviewed the Eleven Rack on this site - some may agree with me and some will strongly disagree - but if you are considering one of these units from Avid (Digidesign) then you really should be reading this review - why? Because I don't get paid for any review in any way, no advertising, no buddies, no bullsh*t... anyway check it out on the reviews page.

I also reviewed the TS808HW Hand Wired Pedal.

I now have the AFD100 from Marshall amps on order and its going to get a thorough review from top to bottom when it arrives - should be October or November... Let's hope it's as good as Marshall and Slash say... but who knows - they are selling it... they would say that now, wouldn't they...

Even Older News

This site is being updated once again thanks to a crap xml and flash template that no search engine finds very well - never buy one they simply don't work...

It has taken me at least three weeks none stop to redevelop this site this time...

But the good news is that as well as updating some of the reviews on here we have added are in the process of adding new reviews for a whole pile of kit including:

  • Road king II
  • Triple recto
  • Marshall JVM410H and some modifications for it
  • Ibanez 7 String Guitar
  • Ibanez TS808 Reissue
  • Ibanez TS808 Hand Wired
  • Hardwire delay
  • Hardwire Tube Driver
  • Lots more to come....

So as you can see we have not let you read the same thing over and over again - its good to read as a reference but does get a little boring :-)

This news feature is as August 28th 2010

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