Released Albums by Tony Mckenzie

Here are the rock music albums from Tony mckenzie that you can buy either from iTunes or other places.

Released Albums by Tony

I released (through Bigdan Records) my 'Eniac' Album back in 2007. Although I did have music before this album this was really a way originally of helping a friend overcome an operation on his throat that hammered his singing very hard, one Alan Bruce. Alan also plays Bass guitar and so I got him in for sessions to complete the 'Eniac' album. All of the tones on this album were generated from a very underrated amplifier from Marshall, the TSL100 also known as the JCM2000. Indeed I recently decided to buy another one and got it on 'eBay' for just £250 ($350). Listen to the tones on 'Metropolis' or 'Lightpipe AI' and you will hear immediately that the TSL is one incredible amplifier. Don't worry what others say, if you get the chance just buy one.

Eniac as an album took not too long to make and the subject matter was all around computers hence the album name. Originally I conceived that album as an instrumental but the odd track did get some vocals. A short story about '6278' which was a track on there; I was involved with an internet server at one stage that had an IP address of 62.78.32.*. So at the time writing the music Alan asked if he could write the vocals for that track and 'hey what's this track about?'. So 6278 was born. Thats a very small insight in to how I developed different 'styles' for different tracks, each one was from something that I was involved in one way or another and each track title defined what I wrote. In any case this album sold reasonably well and from time to time still does. I like to believe that some of the tracks on 'Eniac' are some of the best recordings I have ever made having said that there are some tracks I wish were not on there.

In 2008 I and Alan Bruce released the 'Berner Street' Album which was developed around a new marketing concept that I had. Basically 'Berner Street' was a developed on a new concept at the time, of making rock music around solving a puzzle; in this case the famous 'Jack the Ripper' crimes from the late 1890's in London, England.

The album was initially distributed by a company from Houston, Texas in the USA, but that deal did not work out (they did not distribute? ). Both Berner Street and my 'Eniac' album were therefore distributed online in all of the major players shops and the material CD's are available from your friendly record company if you ask them assuming you can even find one these days.

Most people buy these tracks or albums online now (or simply steal them) and that is the way it has remained for some time and probably will do on these two albums well in to the future. Visit CDbaby if you want to buy the real deal or just use our contact form on this site and we'll get back to you.

You can buy these albums on this site if you prefer to support the musicians directly rather than feeding the ever growing vampires that sell our music for nothing, or even worse, stream thousands of copies for less than 0.0001 cent per play. In about 9 years I think I made enough money for a burger. Some people say the internet is great for musicians. Well its true they get their name out there; but as long as I can remember loads of musicians have been very busy fools and never seem to 'make it big' no matter how good they are. I know many.

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