Reviews of Music Gear by Tony Mckenzie

Reviews are a way of life on this website. Why? Well over the years I have picked up some really great music equipment, guitars, amps accessories; sometimes it is great and sometimes rubbish! so which would you buy?

Helpful, truthful reviews with not a bull in sight.

The reviews featured on these pages can be a gold mine for you and save you a fortune. Often you can read reviews all over the internet, in magazines, manufacturers websites, on YouTube and other places. You, like me will get emailed with loads of offers all the time. Of course one of the problems is this; that these reviewers all have an ulterior motive for developing the review. They all get paid to review equipment and they all in one way or another get advertising revenues from the companies they review products for. One that sticks out a little in the UK is the Guitarist magazine. I have bought that magazine since it's first issue (if I remember it had a PRS Yellow custom 24 on the cover); while its true they do have some good reviews, its very rare that they review equipment that they don't run advertisements for; check yourself in any copy since 1985! and they don't do bad reviews for advertisers no matter what they say; it could be like biting the hand that feeds them and that's a fact.

Well here its different; I have zero advertising even on the video content which by the way is always HD; here the reviews are all of equipment that  I have personally bought and own or have later sold if it turned out to be rubbish; just like you, I have had many disappointing times when the gear simply is not what the maker or the musician that uses it all the time (really) promised.

If you read the review of any musical equipment including amplifiers being reviewed here I will tell it the way it is; no hype, no lies, no bullsh*t, just the honest truth in my own opinion in a review written by an owner of the equipment whatever it is, that tries to cover most aspects of the item and to see if the product really is as good as the manufacturer and others say it is.

In this way these reviews can save you a huge amount of money that might otherwise have been spent on gear that really is not what they say it is and will most likely disappoint you after just a few days of use. I really got fed up of buying rubbish and listening to music store reviews, so called reviewers that only show the equipment in a way that promotes sales, manufacturers that promise much but when the 'wraps' are off the gear deliver little, the music press that have been known to write better fairy tales than Hans Anderson, fan boys and others telling me how great something is only to find later that I had made a big mistake and was about to lose lots of money trying to sell a 'pig in a poke' piece of gear.

I'll even often open up equipment to check whether it is made to a high standard or simply thrown together and a lid screwed on so you don't see the bad quality. That might not matter when you first buy what ever it may be, but later on trust me if it's rubbish inside you will be the first to find out. Its very hard for makers to hide what's inside and to hide badly made products that they sell sometimes with premium branding on the outside of the box and massively overpriced equipment. Its even harder for you to know exactly what you are going to find until you buy it. For that exact reason its why I make 'Inside and Out' reviews.

So without messing about go and read some of my independent reviews; they were written to help you make an informed decision and I sincerely hope you like them.

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