Stolen Apple - 'Trenches' Review

Stolen Apple is a band that has been around a while and they recently released 'Trenches' so I thought I might take listen...


I tend not to review albums in general but when Alessandro Pagani contacted me I decided to take a look.

I decided to do ZERO research on this band before I reviewed the trenches album because I really wanted to share with guys my own view of the trenches album and not be biased for or against what others write - it seemed like a plan!

So lets take a look at what I found and my humble views about Trenches from Stolen Apple.


Right from the start I had absolutely no preconception about Stolen Apple or indeed this 'Trenches' album which I think is always better. Are these rock based? or Indie? or... well you name it - I had no clue. I come from a distinct rock background and for me the 'punk' era did not suit my taste, but later music twisted in to grunge and that went in to.. well you get the idea.

Of course today there are so many genre's of music it can all be a bit mind boggling so let's not really pin down Stolen Apple in this way (at least until later) and as you will see with my views of some of these tracks on Trenches they are far and away different than the bands perception is (more on that later). So let's kick off with the tracks:

01 Red Line

I liked the nice tones from the guitar... sort of jangly. The thing is, (believe this or not) I thought that this track had a reminiscence of the earlier days of the Beatles. Yes I WAS around then, but only about 7! A sort of mid 60's jamboree! Indeed I guess that my interpretation might be nothing like others, but that all depends on one's personal historical musical journey and maybe what I might be listening to in general these days.

02 Green Dawn

Not a particularly bad track at all but not one of my favorites really - a sort of 'middle of the road' indie type of song that strangely (I know:) had a vocal sort of 'Tom Petty' reminiscent somehow.

03 Fields Of Stone

Best word I can say is... 'Jangly'. Not really my style of music I would listen to but for the guys that like it they will of course... like it!

 *  04 Pavement

Ah the first track I can say that was more in keeping with the sort of stuff I might find in my car that I listen to. It's a sort of laid back track where the guitars make way for a nice gritty vocal. By 4:30 this track gets a little heavier and I could almost think that while listening to this that I might have been listening to a recreation of Pink Floyd... but somehow a whisper of them rather than a scream.

05 Falling Grace

This track to me was a more 'punky' track and not really my style so I'll pass on this one although the fraternity of that genre will like it no doubt.

**  06 Living On Saturday

The first track that I feel is really good (based on my rock background of course). Ha the vocals seemed to turn back to a 'Tom Petty' likeness in a weird way (no bad thing for sure) Great vocals and I liked how this track seemed 'psychedelic' in places. One to listen to for sure.

**  07 Mystery Town

Again a really great track that is more laid back - and I would still describe this myself as rock based .. again sort of 'Floyd' cultured

*   08 Something In My Days

This more lively track was far more energetic and lively with nice melodic parts as you move through it. I liked this track not quite as much as say 'Living on Saturday' or 'Mystery Train' but it does have its own feel.

09 More Skin

Not one of my favorites for sure, but it does (for one of the few times really) break in to a guitar 'solo' somewhere at 1:55 which stands out as there are not really that many lead breaks.

*  10 Daydream

Again this is a laid back rock track in reality - the sort of stuff I will sometimes listen to and it even has a mouth organ in there (or maybe simulated who knows). I would describe this again as a modern day style of cool rock music... nice.

11 Sold Out

Maybe they did sell out for this track! Not for me really and it has a definite nod towards the indie stuff.

12 In The Twilight

A different style for sure compared the 'Red Line'. Again this is a laid back approach and again it has that 'whiff' of Floyd in there. There is a guitar out too from round 3:40 and I liked this track but some of the others were a bit more what I am used to in music that I listen to.


Clearly Stolen Apple have been around for a while and they know what they are doing and that shows in the music on the Trenches album. There's a good mix of styles on here, but they meld together well I thought. While I did confer that some of the music reminded me of other stuff, factually that is no bad thing. Let's face it, if Stolen Apple go on to be half as good as any of those bands I mentioned they will be very successful indeed.

For anyone that likes rock and indie rock buy this album, for the punk guys maybe less so because there clearly is an influence, but not as much as some of the other genre's on here.

Thanks to Alessandro Pagani for sending me the info.

Stolen Apple Information provided by Alessandro Pagani


Stolen Apple live...

The band was formed in Florence in 2008 by the ashes of the Nest, authors of two works published respectively for Urtovox/Audioglobe ("Drifting", 2001) and Zahr Records/Blackcandy-Audioglobe ("Isn't ' it?, 2007). Of the original nucleus, (material and news on remain two founding members, namely Riccardo Dugii (vocals, guitar), and Luca Petrarchi (vocals, guitar); To complete the organic Massimiliano Zahedi, already aggregated to the Nest as percussionist in some acoustic experiments and here on bass, and Alessandro Pagani (formerly drummer of Subterraneans and one of the minds of valve/Shado Records), present in the formation for a Period in the mid-90 when the group was called the "astray".

The name of the band was inspired by the story of Ernst Lossa, child jenish killed in the 1944 by the Nazis in the context of their program of extermination of individuals not self-sufficient, narrated among others by Marco Paolini in his show "Ausmerzen".

Band influences include: Neil young, sonic youth, clash, slint, dinosaur jr, flaming lips, low, codeine, joy division, etc.

Links and contact:

Listen to the Album:
YouTube Channel:
Alessandro's Facebook:
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Luca Petrarchi: guitar, vocals
Riccardo Dugini: guitar, vocals
Alessandro Pagani: drums, vocals
Massimiliano Zatini: bass, keyboard, vocals
and thanks to Giovanni Chessa :drums-bass

Album Title: Trenches

LOCATION: Florence, Italy
GENRE: Alternative-Rock, Indie-Rock.
RELEASE DATE: 23th of September 2016
TRACKS: 12 for a total amount of 50:05:17
LABEL: co-operation with Rock Bottom Records
SPECIAL FEATURES: Passion, courage, curiosity, in a multi-faceted album.
PROTAGONISTS: Riccardo Dugini (vocals & guitar), Luca Petrarchi (vocals, guitar, mellotron, organ & synth), Massimiliano Zatini (vocals, bass & harmonic), Alessandro Pagani (vocals, drums, piano & percussion).

Latest News

- Video of the last concert at Circus Club and interview on "Indie Eye Network":
- Interview on May issue of "Immersion Magazine" Canada
- "Trenches" in hot rotation on BCB Radio Bradford, Uk
- Month's album for "Sounds Good Webzine"
- The movie school "Image" of Florence will use the Stolen Apple music for the short movies of their students
- The song Daydream was simultaneously aired in more of eighty European radio stations on the broadcast
"22 minutes, one week of Europe in Italy" on Friday 21 April 2017 (podcasting program on a European radio station network):

“Trenches. . . . . men's mind is in trenche, or trenches are in our minds”?

Twelve soaked songs of heterogeneous sounds and ambivalent meanings, the debut album of Stolen Apple recounts experiences in and out of the music in a kaleidoscope of raw sounds and words full of intimacy. The debut album (but not that it is not, the songs speak and tell us that behind the music there are years and years of passion), draws different emotions song after song, transporting the listener to different stages of abandonment: this is not the mission that the music must carry? Stripped of all prejudice and away from trends, Dugini, Petrarchi, Zatini and Pagani have wanted to implement in the most natural way their sound 'live', alternating in a modern personal style and originality, while always keeping in mind the immense artistic heritage left by past greats. By mixing alternative rock of various schools (especially American 90s), desert country, psycho-punk, shoegaze, paisley underground, pop-noise, acid ballads and alt-country sound, the crossover sound of the band involves keeping attitude and ability to be credible moving through difficult lands as it is to those who make music today.

This record is an open book of memories, shared stories and adventures: the twelve songs are the result of a collective work, although done without explicit planning. Because the only thing that matters is the free movement of ideas: each song is an expression of the independent spirit of the band. And it is for this reason - the absolute compositional autonomy and unnecessary pursuit of perfection- that each song has its own identity yes, but just as many facets and many sound suggestions. This comes from the common purpose of the group, which has always been the fulfillment of his passion, without constraints related to technical assertions, mode, or outside involvement.

Trenches is an album with a strong and evocative title, and bequeaths to us, if a message has to pass an artistic work, an urgent thought, which places him disillusioned look at the hopes of our youth: where futuristic visions have been lost, or are been disillusioned by the vanish (in contact with reality) of concepts related to love, peace and freedom, the music reconciles the dream. That to which he aspire, and that the modern shelter in trenches, the 'security zones' where our weaknesses lie, is slowly - but surely - changing the outlook of life.

Extracts of reviews:
.... "This is a solid album, with songs built as well as needs to be done." GIANLUCA RUNZA - NOISE
.... "A disc designed to the old, in open contrast with the electronic drifts indie homegrown, with a dry production, by direct contact. Beautiful stories of the past." PALAZZO DIEGO - BLOW UP
...."energetic songs that do not forget the importance of melody" - ROBERTO PECIOLA - ALIAS de IL MANIFESTO
.... "Coordinates psychedelic and shoegaze, tasty guitar plots that touch the Loop, Primal Scream of the first works, Swervedriver and dig up the Television of" Marquee Moon "and certain experiences of the Paisley Underground. Despite the obvious references the result finish is original, personal and rarely practiced in the Peninsula. Great "- BACCIOCCHI ANTONIO - RADIOCOOP
.... "The recording debut of Apple Stolen moves on insecurities and daily insecurity without ever slipping, but shouting vigorously, urgently need what the fragility today must be respected, if not preserved" - FULVIO PALOSCIA - LA REPUBBLICA
.... "A job that, although it is not exactly a debut album, saw that the Florentines have years and years of" stage ", shines even a seductive innocence, just as the eternal guys who always look at the sun set and will bring anywhere guitar "- ROCKIT - MATTIA NESTO
..... "Trenches is cold and ruthless, dreamlike company to make texts of which we can already imagine the story behind it: distorted vocals, and discomfort moans and melancholy. My friends are gone you sing angrily in the fifth track, Falling Grace. There is easily lost on this record not to be missed "- MORGANA GRANCIA - TROUBLEZINE
.... "An album that has the great merit of letting listen, bringing those who draw near to such interesting atmospheres back continuously in the drive to let taste and discover step by step. And in times made music disposable, the Stolen Apple are candidates to the role group to follow absolutely "- MARCELLO MATRANGA - MESCALINA
..... "The Florentine group begins with a nomadic disc that likes to pass from a psychedelic swirl to a swirl post rock through very heavy alternative and indie influences, so showing off the versatility and various sound facets ensuing" - GIOELE AMMIRABILE - TUTTOROCK
..... "To the Stolen Apple appears to be an extremely rich in energy work, perhaps the first step of an equally rocking career and full of vitality." OCAROCK
..... "Post-rock or psychedelic flavors are perhaps inescapable, yet it is in being able to slow down that Apple Stolen calling at the superfine and reflective dimension that gives this record a listen more, because at each new turn emerge nuances that before you did not have the sensitivity to understand ... the trenches are melting "- HEART OF GLASS - POISONHEART
..... "Eclectic Stolen Apple have managed to produce, thanks to the disk, an a-temporal reality and ahistorical simply telling the life experiences in and out of the music, for a result away from current trends and incredibly soft and strong at the same time. " ILARIA CORDI '- IN FREEDOM'
..... "Trenches is nice because it seems to listen to an album Alt-Rock / Punk of those early 2000s, where anger and looseness of distorted guitars had everything you needed." INDIE EYE - TREVISANI FEDERICO
..... "Trenches has the strength to be both a romantic story but also a breath of fresh air, and a search, one literally" dig "in the maze of alternative rock of our day" - SOCIAL UP - BATTIATO CLAUDIO
... "Stolen Apple demonstrate quality and good ideas" - MUSIC TRACKS - FABIO ALCINI
..... "Stolen Apple bring with them a good amount of experience made of indie / alternative rock matrix, rough production, melancholic and hypnotic pace" - TOP TESTI - TEMISTOCLE MARASCO
..... "Trenches' is an album that arouses much curiosity as you listen, as it comes from the passion, courage and inventiveness of a band whose members have a good musical experimental attitude" - DISTORTED SOUNDS - BENEDETTA DELLI QUADRI
..... "Pavement" seems to be the point of no return. Once there, such a post, or a motorway, you depart for a new journey where you change gear and meet contaminations blues, ballads and poems. A very pleasant hard "- PRAGMA MAGAZINE - MONICA LUCIGNANO
..... "The product is suspended there in a hole in time halfway between the always fascinating sunset yesterday and the timid dawn that is beginning to catch a glimpse of today, leaving us suspended between melodies that wink at a rock indie enough while not flirting shyly with a psychedelic pop. Stolen Apple make us relive in just under an hour loves, dreams, hopes, disappointments, feelings, moments lived "- SPETTAKOLO.IT - EDOARDO SANTARSIERO
..... "A work for four hands in which there are so many things said, so many sounds, so many rhythms not happened to me time" - SWITCH MAGAZINE - GIULIA GIORDANO
..... "Trenches" showcases the good qualities of the Stolen Apple, able to make good rock also offering a good variety of pieces, children of different influences and embellished with an effective writing, showing a particular care for the ' textual appearance, but hitting is the elaboration of an almost unique style, where different genres overlap and slide over each other. - MUSIC MAP - PIERGIUSEPPE LIPPOLIS
..... "Is a pleasant drive, Trenches, because every time you listen to it you have the impression of grasping a reference that instead escapes you, preventing you to definitely close the case of the Apple Stolen under a single label" - POSTHUMAN - MARIO GAZZOLA
... "There is great attention to reproduce a more natural sound than ever and close to the live version. Still something improvable on rumors, but taking it as a path start, the outlook is positive" - EXTRA! - M. GRAZIA UMBRO
... "When riffs and rolled slow down the pace, often come out masterpieces of music ....... an 'other feature of this' album is the Apple of Stolen ability to make us live this sound as if it were a real live ...... an album full of ideas and a lot of beautiful music that is worth listening to. We hope to see you soon live to amplify those feelings that already when using head- phones are very powerful. " KAIROS JOURNAL - CARACAPPA GIUSEPPE
... "A diverse and energetic drive, travel in the car and wind in your hair; songs that you do hear and sing tapping her foot to the music" - FMD FARE MUSICA & DINTORNI - ELISA ENRILE
.... "In Trenches are twelve songs in which the quartet is at stake, it does so spontaneously to a level above the average of the bands that we face" - GARAGE ROCK - MARCELLO ZINNO
..... "The 'Trenches' value is to be made up of songs that come down to it, they do not hide behind artificial architectures and create an instant connection" - SUFFISSO CORE - FEDERICA ROCCHI
..... "Trenches deserves attention, not least because it focuses on a little sound exploited in our country" - FB - GIANNI DELLA CIOPPA (rock writer)
.... "Strong, tough, passionate ....." - GOOD MORNING SICILY - CHIARA FICI
..... "The Stolen Apple is a mature Florentine band that knows how to play, far removed from the style company today" - SANTORO GIUSEPPE - FMD
.... "The Stolen Apple meritanosicuramente an" ear about "- EXITWELL - GIULIO VALLI
.... "Little doubt, the guys know how to do and know the rules to baste the good rock'n'roll, modern and non-obvious" - DISTORSIONI.NET - IGNAZIO GULOTTA
.... "To listen to him certainly does not think of an Italian band: the sound is very sought after, it feels like there's a strong musical taste and a strong passion for music, played well played" - LISTEN AND TALES - MAURO ABBATESCIANNA
.... "The groove of the Stolen Apple takes us on a melodic mix-unreleased indie rock that leaves its mark, and the Florentine group collectively autograph the pieces that remain in the memory of their listeners" - OFF THE JOURNAL - GIUDITTA ELECTRA LAVINIA NIDIACI
... "While maintaining a personal style, the band gives us especially echoes of Joy Division and Sonic Youth's less noisy, blended together to desert atmospheres like a script quite open and relaxed. Do not miss the pop rock in its most meager and an alternative to complete a high biodiversity framework "- UNDERGROUND # 7 - MELEGARI MARCO
.... "Overall it is a work that surprises for its freshness and innocence, qualities that characterize those eternal guys playing in a garage and turn the dream of backpacking world" - UNFOLDING ROME - ADRIANA FENZI
.... "An unripe disc, which reveals a capacity to dialogue with different styles, dystopian mood and sounds that change, are transformed, they explode and finally consume" - POLIS SA MAGAZINE - CARMINE VITALE
.... "The overall opinion on the work, is to be in front of a successful CD. Rating 8 ++" - RARE WORLD - YOSHITO HIGASHI
..... "A sound mix that gives off a bubbly and energetic listener adrenaline" - COUNTRY ROME / COURIER OF THE PEOPLE - FUSCHI ALBERTO
..... "Variables are the emotions rievocabili by track but there is one constant: the abandonment caused by the music." - ALBUM OF THE MONTH FOR SOUNDS GOOD WEBZINE - LEONE MARIA CAROLA
..."a wonderful demonstration of the art that has stemmed from 70s punk rock" - BROWNIE MARIE.COM
...."Smart, stylish, and with a sense of timelessness, Stolen Apple delivers a joyful defiant album with “Trenches” - BEACHSLOT.COM
... "This album does not lack certain personality, there are plenty of original ideas but it is all set to run the wonder. Hats off" - ANTBLOG - MASURI ANTONIO
... "Stolen Apple debut album is an alternative rock kaleidoscope of sounds and words" - XTM EXTRA MUSIC MAGAZINE! - MIKI MARCHIONNA
... "A well planted sound, songs that go straight to the point and immediately come to the listener" - AMARENA MAGAZINE - SILVIA CAPRIATA
.... "Stolen Apple offer more attentive listener the opportunity, very rare in Italy, to make use of an album from the broad and free from stylistic shackles and / or gender" - SYMPHONY OF SILENCE - ADRIANO MOSCHIONI
.... "An album to listen to in one breath leaving the mind free from those trenches that we ourselves create for ourselves" GRAFFITI ROCK - VICENZA UNDERGROUND RADIO - LAURA MARETTO
... "Trenches is an extraordinary project that forces us to change course, it is a lamp that lights rekindled in me in the past that were off. The intensity of this record is something that is hard to describe, each track was an emotion, a fragment of memory, home memories, flashbacks of joy and melancholy and memories were rekindled from the past "- BETAPRESS.IT PERTH
..."... "The journey in the 90 is assured: the voice and the guitars flowing fluid through the 12 tracks, no drooling and without going astray, with quality and intensity" - CAUSA ED EFFETTO.IT - GIORGIO "JOSH" ANGOTTI
..."Time travel back to Woodstock and I’m sure you’ll find ‘Trenches’ there somewhere" - JENNY TATE UK JOURNALIST
... "A journey back into the music and evocation that can only be good in times where everything seems decided around a table and where quality is an increasingly expendable item on the altar of quantity. Stolen Apple give a fort , where it is sweet to hide. the music helps not to feel inside how quiet it is out "- NOTE VERTICALI - PAOLO QUAGLIA
... "Be inspired, be captivated by the music of this beauty hard and full to capacity authenticity" - DELIRI PROGRESSIVI - ROBERTO BRUNO
... "Songs that tell the emotions of humanity neglected but not for this device" - VISIONI SONORE - DEBORA SECHI
..... "nothing trivial for Stolen Apple, an album for all tastes, we are faced with remarkable material that certainly will not go unnoticed" - UNDERGROUNDZINE - MAD / MARTINA TOSI
... "Stolen Apple offer us a nice atmosphere indie-rock post-modern, current and enjoyable in a crescendo of sensations, as you progress in listening to the album" - CANTINE.ORG
... "the work is undoubtedly sought, it is also evident a strong musical taste and a huge love for music. All valid reasons to run to listen" - PIACERE MAGAZINE
.... "these sounds remind me comfortably back in time, to the" progressive oriental "I loved so much, but here as an" alternative and indie-rock "- QUI NEWS VALDERA - FAUSTO PIRITO
".... the sounds are really interesting, ranging from Alternative-Rock to Indie" - MULTIMEDIART.ORG - GIANFRANCO TONINELLI
... "Trenches is a work dominated by a creative emergency flow, probably remained suppressed over the years, is a dense and inspired work, but above all sincere and spontaneous" - INDIE ROCK - GILDA ROMEO
.... "all expertly assembled for a listening that does not tire, which reserves a surprise one track after another. Highly recommended, regardless of genre favorite" - INSANE VOICES - KAREN
.... "inside the debut album of the band from Florence there is everything: rhythm, sound, text, the right priming dose and sounds for when a loss for words. In practice, the rock" - L'OPINIONISTA - MAURO RUTOLO
.... "Well well Stolen Apple, expect your news" - NOT ONLY PROG ROCK - MASSIMO SALARI
.... "tough energy, rough, angry, dissonant, with a groove that will punches. A nice discovery" - CORRIERE FIORENTINO - EDOARDO SEMMOLA
.... "alternative, innovative, exciting, many adjectives can define Stolen Apple, the band repertoire goes from pop to noise and to neogrunge that vibrates inside the listener" - ALBATROS MAGAZINE - LUCIA DE CRISTOFARO
... "The music of these toscanacci is full of energy, but not devoid of nuances and refined found that constitute a promising business card for their career. We will surely talk again in the future" - LPL 24 NEWS - PAOLO ANTONIO MAGRI '
..."... "The Florentine band has created with this album a decidedly original mix, a burst of energy that has the ability to feel emotions and feelings" - IL FASCINO DEGLI INTELLETTUALI - LORENA NESI
... "An inspired and energetic cut international Made in Italy" - FLANERI' - ALESSIO BELLI
"... The pieces do not bore and show a solid musical and stylistic strength that allows you to look forward to the next job" UKIZERO - FEDERICA DELL'ISOLA
"...There’s a real soundscape vibe to Trenches – not far removed from a soundtrack score, even" - 100% ROCK MAGAZINE AUSTRALIA - SHANE PINNEGAR
"....A job that is listened to with pleasure, with well settled ideas to outline a raw style, fruit of great compositional concentration" - IL TERZO LATO DEL VINILE - DAVIDE DI COSIMO
".... Listening to the tracks of the album seems to be in the face of something familiar, already known, yet it is as if it escaped where exactly we met that thing and that's where it resides Much of the skill of these guys " - CULTURAMENTE - FRANCESCA PAPA
"..... Trenches is an extraordinary project, a sought-after workload that forces you to change the course. Every track becomes emotion or fragment of memory: it's a real backward journey in the 90's" - ANGELA FAILLA - IO GIOCO PULITO.IT
"... the band demonstrates artistic maturity and is aware of what it does. A workplace to consider" - STEFANO BONELLI - TEMPI DURI.EU
".... It feels like a fiber, it feels like a soul." Trenches is travel and travel music, by trip. "- POP OFF QUOTIDIANO - SERGIO BRAGA
"... A nice disco, perhaps not digestible by the youngest musician of music consumers, but absolutely to listen to those who loved rock in the 80's and 90's and to follow in the future for the developments that the four Tuscan rockers will be able to propose" OFF TOPIC MAGAZINE - ANTONIO SPANO' GRECO
".... Trenches puts the premise for the career of one of the few Italian bands from the purely rocky backdrop" - POOL MAGAZINE
"... The perfect quadrature of the circle between the melody and the sound of the noise"! - FREAK OUT - VITTORIO LANNUTTI
"... The 12 tracks of" Trenches "are all different, but they show a miraculous cohesion, driven by songtelling that alternates a dry social documentary at dreamy and visionary moments. Attitudinal punk and at the same time psychedelic, Stolen Apple crosses twenty-five years of music with an enviable vitality and freshness. INDIE EYE - MICHELE FAGGI
".... Trenches is a journey through sound landscapes, listening to everything after falling in the dreamlike dimension that it gives, there is a lot of "noise" in a continuous struggle with clear and penetrating melodies." - IO GIORNALISTA TV - PAMELA CRUSCO

The band was formed in 2008 from the ashes of Nest, authors of two records published respectively by Urtovox/Audioglobe ("Drifting", 2001) and Za Records/BlackCandy-Audioglobe ("Isn't it?, 2007). From the original nucleus, (material and news about are two founding members — Riccardo Dugini (vocals, guitar), and Luca Petrarchi (vocals, guitar); to complete the organic Massimiliano Zatini - already aggregated to Nest as percussionist in some acoustic and experiments here on bass - and Alessandro Pagani (former drummer in Subterraneans and one of the masterminds of Valvola/Shado Records), in training for a period in the mid-90 's when the group was called Malastrana. The band's name was inspired by the story of Ernst Lossa, jenish child killed in the 1944 by the Nazi as part of their program of extermination of individuals, narrated among the others by Marco Paolini in his show "Ausmerzen".


Thanks to Alessandro Pagani and I wish Stolen Apple well. 

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