Using Marshall Amplifiers

Using Marshall Amplifiers: How I use Marshall Amps

Check out these cool Marshall amps and how I use them myself

Factually Marshall amplifiers have been at the top of the amp makers for years. Let's face it, along with Fender and a few other makers I could name these amps set the tone for everything to come. Today, Marshall amplifiers are some of the most copied in the world by many different 'boutique' makers that add mods to the original designs from Marshall.

Unlike some of the Mesa Boogie amplifiers often Marshall amps are simple to use and to get great sounds and getting the best tone from is sometimes easy, but just a few (in my experience) can be rather a pain. A good example of an amp made in hell is the JVM410H (the standard one and NOT the Satriani version that is completely different in use). That amp can squeal and you will squirm all day and night trying to resolve that. I did. I tried many different things to get a decent tone from it on channel 3 and 4 but alas I sold it. Later I bought a second one but never made that hack it either. The moral is, there are some Marshall amps that you probably should steer clear of.

Now using some of the better Marshall amps is not always as simple as plug in and go so I have covered the YJM100, The AFD100 and indeed the JVM410HJS (Satch) amp from the menu at the top of the page. Some have their issues for sure and the amps I have picked I want to just highlight the things that I found qwerky and that I worked around, it might help some guys. There are no 'secret' solutions to these amps and they do certainly have their differences for sure so please do check them out from the menu. BTW if the menu item does not click then the page is simply not yet published.

I'll be updating the news page when they come live.


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