Using Mesa Boogie Amps

Using Mesa Boogie Amplifiers: How I use Mesa Boogie Amps

Check out these cool mesa boogie amps and how I use them myself

Now then, its a fact that some of the Mesa Boogie amps are a walk in the park to get great tones from. But I have personally owned some that take some work to get the particular amp make the tones that you hear on the records or indeed on Mesa Boogie's demonstrations. Guys often email me and ask me where they are 'going wrong' as their amp is sounding rubbish and nothing like what they thought it would be like. I know, I've been there too!

So it's all going to be a simple tweak of the knobs right? Well, not exactly. It is true that some of the settings on some boogie amps are very critical and you need to read the manual a few times. What? you did not read the manual? shame on you! Me neither! So the first thing to do is to read the manual particularly about the EQ controls a few times. Now have you done that? good. From here on it gets easier just trust me on that.

I have found that by using just a few very selective pedals either in the front of the amp or in the loop changes everything quite dramatically and you will easily get those sounds that you know are in the amplifier somewhere. I have set up a couple of sections on my website all findable from the top menu that explain lots of stuff for either the Triaxis and 2:90 or the triple rectifier (which can be difficult to get those tones if it wants to be) that offers some pointers to getting the best out of those amplifiers and it's all based on what I have picked up myself from using those amps for some time.

Amps I show include the Road King II, Triaxis, Triple Rectifier, ElectraDyne and Royal Atlantic, basically just a few things I did that made the amp sound better to me.

Now I'm no 'expert' I'm just like you so don't expect a 'magic' solution per-se because it does not exist. And sounds are all subjective so my sounds may or may not be your sounds. But they are a good start to help you further and that's my goal to help guys get the best from their gear, lord knows its expensive enough to start with.

So check out those tips from the menus at the top of this page and see if there's anything that can help you. I sincerely hope it all helps a little, but if not well at least I tried.

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