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Tony Mckenzie has worked in technology since 1979. Throughout his career he has worked with Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and these days China. In his past he has even part owned a technology manufacturing company based in the far east, so you could say that Tony knows a thing or two about manufacturing techniques of technology products no matter what  some manufacturers CEO's might like you to think. I've had some practise with CE and RoHS compliance too.

Views & Reviews of Music Gear...

Well I guess if you are reading this then you might well be like me. I get absolutely sick to death of manufacturers, artists, magazines, reviewers, assholes, dickheads, bullshit, crap gear to review, useless overpriced rubbish, bad dealers, stupid guitar freaks that think they are going to be the next Hendrix/Vai/Satriani/Clapton/God, fools who don't know what day it is, YouTube idiots that don't even have their own page let alone music, politicians, government, tax offices, nandy pandy politically correct c*ck sucking leaches that spend public money in a stupid way, the lottery, eBay sellers who just take the money and run, guitar makers who make the same old rubbish over and over - the only thing that changes is the price upwards, road worn relic or other ill conceived excuses or ideas just to half finish the guitar cheaper and sell it for more, rubbish yes rubbish amp emulators of many kinds, magazine editors who think they are musicians (yuk) check them out, technical manuals that are not (pilots handbook), manuals that you cannot understand no matter how good you are (G-System), cheap stuff for the most overpriced i* something in the world, the internet where you get ripped off one way or another, guitar hero and all of those useless pieces of crap they come up with, brainless fools who can tell the difference of a type of battery in an effects pedal by listening to it, people who insist that point to point wiring is 'best' and sounds better, any manufacturer who rips off buyers in the UK because they can (and there really are many of those) hello mesa, guitar leads that claim they are 'better sounding' or have 'lifetime' warranties, amp makers that give 30 days warranty on tubes, doctors lawyers and criminals (they are mainly the same thing), health and safety legislation (where is my ladder) and just about anything else remotely related to getting ripped off, sold crap or similar from the music business. Oh one last thing... I HATE making $10 for 500,000 plays of my music - no doubt you do too...

Good now I've got that off my chest....  read on :-)

The Growing (and Learning) Years:

I have actually been playing guitar since the late 60's. When I first left school I used to think that the Beatles were god.... (they still are if you check out the song writing) that is until one day when I was listening to the radio a certain drone of voodoo chile caught my attention and changed my way of thinking about music forever.

From that point on I had decided what I wanted to do - play rock guitar, so over the coming years I listened to people like Santana, Hendrix, Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore and many other guitarists at the forefront of the art of electric guitar over those times. I has played with other musicians collectively called Big Dan (as well as many previous bands) and now I continues to write and play my own style of rock guitar as a solo recording artist. Historically in the mid 80's I was the founding member of a band called Hammerhead.

This band was successful for around four years but split following a motorcycle accident that left the singer in a coma for many months - when he (Mark) recovered he was unfortunately without the talent that was originally there. Wear the gear when you're on a bike and always remember that concrete street lamps don't move - ever.

I use mainly Ibanez guitars as well as a Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Model guitar (now getting relegated to the closet as the prices continue up) but I also used to use a PRS Custom 24 that was made for me by PRS at the end of the 80's but I gave that to my grandson,  a Fender American Deluxe and many other Gibson Les Paul's. Other interesting guitars which I uses are an Ibanez RG550LTD (I use that every single day) as well as a Gibson Tie Dye Les Paul. You will see on this site a number of Fender Strats that I assembled and are custom made exactly as I wanted them with the oddity here and there. For amplification my main choice of product today is a Mesa Boogie Road King II and also an Diezel Hagen and Mesa Mark V and even a JTM45 which I also built myself. Effects are with a TC Electronics G Major for live effects and a Eventide Eclipse to help further enhance the sound palette available to me for live gigs should I ever find somewhere to play these days.

For other Power amps I have used a Marshall TSL100 watt (that is all over my 'Eniac' album) or an AFD100 and 4x12, or indeed one of many different brands.  Checkout my gear on other pages on this site. The last album 'Berner Street' from 'Mckenzie - Bruce' is an album where you could win $10,000 (or £5000.00) by solving the puzzle from the music. The contest has now expired but the music still rocks. The music is also some of the best work I have written since his 'Eniac' album and with the help of Alan Bruce who also wrote some stuff and all the words these tracks are melodic rock based with some dark tinges of heavy modern stuff. Alan has some great vocals too. It's a privilege to work with him.

What this website is for:

I have a strong direction in helping to educate musicians as much as I can. Over the years I have had some very hard times getting to grips with and how to play guitar as I always wanted too. Another continuing hassle is guitars, amps and other musical equipment that simply is no where near as good as the manufacturer claims; in fact some of that stuff is plain rubbish.

I decided a long time ago to offer advice where I could to other musicians and hopefully they will see the light earlier with advice rather than just listening to some magazine that just wants to sell advertising space, which unfortunately is all too common these days.

And what about that gear, you know, when you buy it from what you see/read/try at the shop and end up with a plain old lemon; we've all been there and it can cost us dearly. So read those reviews maybe it will save you some money I made them specifically for you!

Where I'm going right now:

I am now working on new and exciting projects for release some time soon or not! with more emphasis back to instrumental rock and regular rock stuff but including some vocalised sounds too.. maybe.

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