Fender Stratocaster Spalted Build 2013 Full Review

Fender Stratocaster Custom Build Spalted Body Guitar 2013

Fender Stratocaster Spalted - Review


This is a close up review of my black korina custom made Fender stratocaster I made this over Christmas 2012 to January 2013 so I'll call it a 2013 model. It uses a Warmoth body and a Fender neck with Fast Track and ProTrack pickups with other modifications to the wiring and body. This guitar was built to sound a very specific way and if you play rock then this guitar is likely to fill the gap of a stratocaster on steroids with special switching that I installed.

I really wanted this guitar to sound like a very good rock stratocaster (if there is such a thing), but I guess it is a distortion of what Leo made back in the day. This Stratocaster when I plugged it in does it all, from simgle coil sounds through to vintage humbuckers and on to fully driven Gibson tones. Using these pickups was mainly the key, but also having a hollow body contributes and the result is such a light guitar - as you get older you will appreciate that.

There's a video below where I play it as well as just another one showing the highlights of this guitar lower down the page. The second video shows the highlights of the guitar and reasoning why I chose certain parts or features of those parts close up as if you were there.

This review currently being written so check the news page for updates.

But heres a close up video review that shows the main features of this guitar:

And a video of how it sounds when played:


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