Lee Jackson's Fuzzy Finger Fuzz Effects Pedal Review

Lee Jackson has been around a long time. Modifying amps for the stars and later with his own brand amps. Now he is making boutique pedals and add-on units for music gear. Exactly how good are these things?

Lee Jacksons Fuzzy Finger Boutique Fuzz Pedal Review

This is a short review.

You just might have heard of Lee Jackson - and then of course you might not have heard of him. Lee is based in the USA and started out making amps with the big companies. Later he formed his own company (metaltronix) and developed ways of customising amps for the stars (so to speak). Over the years Lee has developed some really great mods and amps as well as pedals, and one such pedal is this one - the one you have never heard of the FuzzyFingers. Basically this is a Fuzz Pedal (you can tell that by it's name heh heh) but I won't say it's like all the others. This one lets the guitar sound through while retaining that 'classic' fuzz sound we have all heard so many times. It took Lee a very long time to develop this pedal - and he is no slouch when it comes down to electronics - you can be sure he really did put all the effort in to this one.

The unit uses FOUR Germanium Transistors analogue of course which are now really hard to get and these are New Old Stock so you are getting what Fuzz boxes used to use and that's a good thing right there - it affects your tone differently than the digital stuff - oh and this pedal is a TRUE BYPASS unit. When Lee says that he really means it, no jiggery pokery making the statement questionable - just honest to goodness engineering - that's why I have one.

But there is more to this Fuzzy Fingers than meets the eye - for example, There is a pre fuzz or post fuzz switch which places the fuzz in different positions in relation to the signal and that affects the effect in a good way. Then there's the TOUCH CONTROL which affects exactly that - the touch sensitivity and how that affects your playing. All I can say is this pedal is good - the sounds are superb and the build is excellent. I did have one little problem and that was making the base plate fit snug once you fitted a battery. It's a VERY tight fit and the base plate just about squeezes in the battery if you tighten it up very tight - but overall that was a minor issue. The pedal is built like a tank.

Lee says that these are in short supply (and he means it) because of those germanium transistor supply being poor. Mine was number 38. I bought this pedal for about £100 pounds when Lee first issued them (around September 2009) and think this pedal is a great buy. I use it often, but not all the time because of what styles I play. I would rate this at 10 out of 10 if you are looking for a Fuzz pedal - this has to be one of the best in the world at ANY price. Here's the summary of the main features:
  • Germanium transistors just like the old stuff
  • All analogue signal pathTrue bypass pedal
  • Pre or post fuzz options (like before or after a speeding ticket :-) )
  • Touch control..  its cool and it works

So if you are in the market for a really cool Fuzz sound that is very expressive, can handle subtle changes in sound AND is touch sensitive with true bypass I can recommend the Lee Jackson FuzzyFingers pedal - get yours now.. Heres a link to his site: www.leejackson.com




No 38.... really! click for larger views

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