Fender Stratocaster 'The Dream' Tony's Guitars

This is a completely unique Fender guitar made for a great Fender artist. The Dream.

Fender Stratocaster Custom 'The Dream' Dream Stratocaster

I have a great collection of many leading brands of electric guitars including Gibson, Fender, PRS, Ibanez and others. Check them out from the 'Tony's Guitars' section of this website. While the images are not huge, the quality is - so you get a real idea of just what this guitar is like in real life.  Many of the guitars are quite rare now.

Here is a completely unique Fender Stratocaster personally made in the custom shop by Gene Baker for Awesome John. This guitar is reputedly have cost Fender $70,000 to make.

  • Fender Artist Made Stratocaster
  • NAMED Guitar 'The Dream' one of only 4 Fenders to ever get a name ever
  • Through neck 24 fret Stratocaster - the only one in the world
  • Original and Unique
  • Custom Pickups from Jeff Lace for Artist
  • Lighting up fret markers from Sims Leds
  • Unique original Ostrich Case
  • Case: Fender Artist one off Stratocaster case

Visit the dream stratocaster site: www.dreamstrat.com to find out much more about this guitar.

This instrument was sold to 'Pete' - you know who you are Peter ;-)


The 'Dream'; click for larger image

The Dream - The only 24 fret through neck Fender Stratocaster ever made. This guitar is now owned by 'Guitar Pete'.

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