Fender Custom Telecaster Build and Review

Fender Custom Telecaster - Warmoth Body - Build and Review

One of the Best Fender Custom Telecaster Builds that you can see online - a Review of the how's and why's of what we did.


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This Telecaster guitar was made in 2014. It was the second Tele I made but I later sold the first one (made in 2013) because of certain design issues that I did not like on the original Leo Fender design. That original was sold to a very famous guitarist who is really an awesome player (he's featured many times in Guitar World etc.) and I'm sure you will see him playing that in future.  However, this second Telecaster set out to correct each and every little annoyance (to me) that the original Fender design had from way back in the day. There is no doubt that Leo was a master of guitar, but things have really changed since the early 50's and so has the needs of most guitarists.

Knowing all of the issues from the first Tele helped me to develop a Fender Telecaster that was and IS different to any Fender Tele I have ever seen. Some of the changes are subtle for sure, but each one makes a massive difference to the playability, improved feel, far more flexible (and better) tone and of course those aesthetics that most guitarists like to see. Below we show you how and exactly what and why we changed things so you might incorporate some of it in to your own guitar or even set out to make one like this incredible instrument.

There is no doubt that the Fender Telecaster has a place in modern music - it's seen in many styles, but this guitar helps it to be better than the regular stuff and in my opinion makes this guitar one of the finest Telecasters you could buy from anywhere.

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In the meantime here is a video about how exactly I made this telecaster:

  Custom Telecaster V2: Part 1

Custom telecaster V2: Part 2


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