Becos on Board Preamp Review

I had never heard of the Becos on board micro preamp before. For the review I used a 2008 Fender Stratocaster and assembled the preamp in to that. The kit was complete and looked good quality. But are these types of micro preamps worth the effort?

Becos On-Board Micro Preamp for Stratocaster Review


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I have a small 'effects' unit made by Seymour Duncan (now obsolete) that can boost the clean guitar output up to 26db gain through to your guitar amplifier, but I was intrugued to see an on board micro preamp that could do the same as well as other features from a company called Becos. So I thought I would give the Becos micro preamp a check out to see what was involved in getting the unit up and running in a 2008 Fender Stratocaster (the real deal) and whether you needed in depth skills to achieve a result, or if anyone could fit it.

The Seymour pedal is long gone, and Radial now have something similar, but at four times the price of this little board, so it is worth checking out the Becos unit because that gain can be an extremely useful thing when you're playing guitar... stretch the sustain of the Stratocaster (or other guitars supported) for hours :) without even having any distortion added to the signal. Although I have to admit, that I did set mine up to drive the amp harder than normal.

The Becos unit can do more and is ajustable when you install it so it looked a good bet that it could be a really great and useful product for guitarists out there. This review will show you how and what I did with the results showing the playing and sort of effect that the Becos micro preamp has on the guitar and amplifier that you use.

This review is coming presently to this site so watch for the updates soon.

In the meantime watch the original video review from my YouTube channel below


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