Mesa Boogie 2:90 Tube Power Amplifier for Guitar

Mesa Boogie: the 2:90 Tube Power Amplifier for the Triaxis Preamp

Mesa Boogie 2:90 Power Amp

You want the best sound? right?  The power amp you choose with your rack will be the be all and often the sound of 'you'. Listen carefully at the guys who play your style of music and also use the Triaxis rack there are still many pro's using this gear. Checkout the info about which power amps they use, because it's likely they will have a great sound for their music and have usually got more money to spend on kit than you or me.

I used a 2:90 from Mesa Boogie before I sold the rack. It has been one of the best upgrades that I had undertaken for a very long time. The 2:90 matched the Triaxis as no other amplifier I ever tried did; if you have the triaxis you just have to get the 2:90 there really is no other amplifier that will make your guitar sound the way you expect the triaxis to sound.

My Marshall 9200 ( that's 100x100 EL34) was not wimpy, it could move everything turned up, but 'that' sound was always a little elusive; actually you could not get that Mesa Sound from it - it was  simply not there. What you got was a sort of Marshall on steroids. Nothing wrong with Marshall (I have a few), but if you spend serious money on a Triaxis, then you need the right amp. The 2:90 was designed for the Triaxis, the Marshal was designed.

My advice is simple. Buy the 2:90 and don't waste your time with anything else. There's also a picture of the Marshall 100/100 I used to use, but believe me - don't go there because there really is no comparison.

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The 2:90 I later bought after dumping the Marshall 100/100

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