Mesa Boogie Triaxis PA Output from your rack

Mesa Boogie Triaxis: PA output

PA Output for Triaxis Preamp with System Mix Plus

This unit is long discontinued but there are others around that can take a signal (in stereo or mono) and offer a speaker emulator for the PA input so while this is great information if you find a System Mix Plus most also applies to other similar gear that you will need if you build a rack for live work.

It is possible to drive the PA directly if you have a DMC System Mix Plus or something similar. Unfortunately these are discontinued but you can find them occasionally so read on.

Actually, apart from gluing everything together nicely the System Mix Pro from DMC (Known as Voodoo Lab also) has one really sweet feature. Because the unit has a speaker emulator built right in to it, you can use those two XLR connectors to output right in to the PA or FOH system. How does it sound? I can tell you if you have 'that' sound in your rig, it will be immediately transported right in to the PA exactly as it sounds in the rig. No messing about, no getting the FOH engineer to turn your amp down, just sweet unadulterated great sounding guitar; its probably better than sex; especially if you have seen my wife!  no I'm only joking... its on par.


The system mix plus; click for larger view


As you can see from this side of the system mix plus there are firstly, two mix controls, then a VERY important button, the cabinet simulator for the desk out. Next are a couple of buttons for ground lift etc. and then 2 Balanced output connectors.

I used these right in to the desk. If you use them you will sound just like your recorded tracks, the system mix plus has really got the cab simulator off exactly. The sound is incredible. Further down are headphone and monitor level (yes, you really can feed your monitor with this quality. There are also other things such as feed through for signals from front to back etc. Get one of these and stop messing around; that is, if you can find one!  check eBay regularly and be prepared to PAY for it.

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