Fractal Audio Axe FX III Review

Silly me. I thought that the FA boys might have grown up these days in 2019 but alas not. Recently I was loaned an Axe-FX III from a friend, along with it's floor pedal for an inside and out review. What did I find? It's all covered in the review below.

Axe-FX III - has anything really changed?

Axe-FX III - a loan unit for an up close completely independent review.

Actually I wanted to see if this unit was improved after the experience with the older unit back in 2011.

So is the Axe-FX III really different? And what about that aggravation from previous experience?

This review will be coming along presently when I have written it based on my original review video of the inside and out review I completed at the end of August 2019. I will show internal information, any issues I found, the chips involved including the so called DSP processor, the pricing of the main components. I also discuss CE and other important approval standards and compare those with other equipment, I show the front and rear of the unit and example the front panel. I also show how to update firmware and then example the editor as supplied.

There will be separate examples of the unit played by different musicians so you can get a view about how the unit sounded for those guys at the time of recording.

And of course I'll discuss some of the horrible way I was treated through harassment, threats, verbal abuse and other things that seem to come packaged with this unit for a second time.

So check back from time to time and I'm sure that you will learn from what I saw and my experiences with this unit.

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