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Ibanez have made good rock guitars for a long time. The current stuff in the lower cost bracket is not so cool, but the real deal of a Japanese Ibanez is hard to beat at any price. Here the Ibanez JEM 7VWH from 2002 that I still own in 2015.

Ibanez JEM 7VWH Japanese Made Guitar

This is a short introduction and description of the Ibanez Jem like the one Steve Vai has and is modelled from it. I had the privelidge of actually looking at Steve's guitar a few years ago really close up. That guitar has been through the mill; it was hacked away quite a lot and the 'evo' pickup (actually named on the front of the guitar in black marker) had seen better days - let's just say that you could tell it had been played in to the ground. Below is a short overview I wrote a while ago just to talk about my own guitar I bought back in 2002.

I have  a great collection of many leading brands of electric guitars including Gibson, Fender, PRS, Ibanez and others. Check them out from the 'Tony's Guitars' section of this website. While the images are not huge (I may update those but Googles magic way of penalising me for images that don't fit a teaspoon does not help), the quality is - so you get a real idea of just what this guitar is like in real life. Many are reviewed on the reviews pages so don't forget to check those reviews out. Also don't forget to visit the section of the web where there are larger images from the main menu with a section showing my guitars in high resolution images. Many of the guitars I own are quite rare now and some have been rare since the day I bought them.

The 7VWH Ibanez Japanese Build is one of Tonys favourite guitars for many reasons. Probably the very reasons why Ibanez built the guitar this way - light, very fast neck, superb sound, very playable and if you play rock those EVO pickups really shine - I can see why Steve developed those with Dimarzio for sure.

Here's some basic info about this 7VWH rock guitar:

  • Ibanez JEM 7VWH Japanese Version
  • Made in 2002 and bought to be played
  • Excellent design throughout
  • Ibanez Wizard II neck
  • Ibanez pickups just like Steve Vai's...
  • Now getting overpriced - near enough £2300 in 2015
  • Case: Ibanez ABS Signature Series Case - Black

Now there is a Korean version a friend had and I wanted to check that out so he showed it a few times, but alas the body actually cracked open and split all the way down. It appeared that the woods had not been dried properly and the result was a scrap guitar. However, Ibanez distributor replaced the body.


Awesome quality at a price - click for larger image

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