Mesa Boogie Triaxis Sound Base: Your Sound

Mesa Boogie Triaxis: get YOUR sound from your setup

Triaxis Rack: think about your sounds

The sound base is that thing that makes you sound like you; Those tones that matters. I don't mean how you hold the guitar or physically play etc. but I do mean the overall settings on your amp i.e. the Triaxis setup and other components and what you're trying to achieve by way of sounds from your rig.  I guess that if you took a guy like Santana and built equipment exactly the same as his (or just used his gear) then you are going to sound very similar regarding his 'signature' sound no matter what the magazines say.

Make no mistake, Santana will have honed his 'signature sound' over many years; and I'm sure that if someone played a Santana track you have never heard then you could probably guess that it was Santana playing no problem. The equipment does considerably contribute to his sound, otherwise he would use other gear, it's that simple. Some say it's all in the 'hands' but I'm not completely convinced about that.

You need to achieve the same thing, a 'signature' sound that is 'yours'; a sound that is dynamic, different, memorable, even 'awesome' so that whenever someone hears you they recognize 'that' tone 'your' tone. Your 'signature' tone is partly your ticket to great things. Consider this - listen to Hendrix, Santana, Vai, Malmsteen, Satch, Vinnie and Gary Moore - in fact ANY top player and you will quickly agree that each and every one of them has his (or her) 'signature' sound... STRIVE VERY HARD to get your own unique sound because that is what is going to make you different than the rest. There are so many great players out there; but can you really take on the best there is? Probably not. So work on the thing that will make you unforgettable - your sound.

Remember Jimi Hendrix - you can't forget that sound once you have heard him; even on sometimes less than perfect recording - and you know it's him. Think about that, would they know its you? I know that I have my own sound and once you hear me then I guess you will know its me in the future when you hear tracks which I write or play on. But that took me years and years of gaining experience; but the right gear and the right settings and the right way of playing my guitar all contribute to my sound. I don't mean technically the right way to play, I mean a way of playing that contributes to your sound; and that's exactly what i did.

I developed a form of mixed pick playing and tapping in a hybrid fashion that I have never heard from anyone else. But I can also tell you without exactly the right gear and settings it sound bad. Check out the video pages on this site and YouTube and you will see that even with my RG550Ltd there is absolutely a style which is identifiable to me.  Actually some say it sounds bad anyway (you know how some guys are right?) but who cares about those type? not me.

Hopefully you are! Because if you sound like all the other tens of thousands of guitarists out there then guess what, you have tens of thousands to one of actually making anything whatsoever from the music business. While we are on the subject, take the time to think, and think hard, about a business plan if you intend to develop your music in to a profession to live on, otherwise you too will join the tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of poor musicians with no money to live on. Ask Gary Moore and his mates (RIP Gary), what it was like going around those pubs and bars when even Rory Gallaher did not have enough money for a set of strings. It's all in one of Gary's songs.

And you know how good Gary Moore was? right? well if you don't you had better wake up a little because people like that are probably direct competition for you and they know exactly what to do in managing their career. The question is, do you?

I really hope this text makes you THINK hard about you and your sound and your career in the music business; its one of the hardest professions to achieve wealth from.

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