FocknRollers Rock Band Rockumentary

FocknRollers: The band with the highest underground scene in the world is here. Find out exactly what these guys are up to and what really makes them get those sounds and awesome effects like no other band you have ever seen.

The FocknRollers are here to show you how its done:


Now a lot of guys have not heard of the FocknRollers, but we can exclusively reveal that they are the all time biggest underground rock band in the world! There's a recently made Rockumentary about these guys made by a guy called Blan Alaruse (anchor-man at TV (WTACSS 24)) who has been quite famous around LA for these type of interviews over the years.

Recent WTACSS 24 NEWS Cannel bulletin featuring Blan Alaruce

Blan set out to get exclusive info on exactly what these guys have lived through, what gear they use but most importantly how they get those unbelievable sounds and tones in their music.

Blan Alaruce commented ' It was a great pleasure to interview these massive top of the line innovators in rock music and technical ability and to see exactly how they work in the studio under real pressure'. Blan Continued 'It's one thing interviewing people like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, The Beatles or the Stones, but its a whole new ball game with the FocknRollers™ - you never know what's coming next from these guys.'

Blan told us 'Y'know what, when you're interviewing in this way its possible to get a real insight in to the lives of these guys, how they live for real, and to find out some of the trade secrets to all that tone they achieve on that vinyl, cd, DVD and of course streaming music and video'. He continued ' I'm going to get all the background to these guys that anyone could and make a serious rockumentary film that is sure to be the highest ranking film in its class ever made'.

A recent Trailer of the FocknRollers movie released presently ©&® WTACSS 24 News

Somehow we can't wait to get the lowdown from Blan and with his reputation coming before him, we know that Blan is the man to get the low down and dirty on those boys and to wheedle out how rock stars live on a day to day basis. It won't be long before the FocknRollers new Movie becomes available to the world, so hang on, strap yourself in, we're going to meet the FocknRollers™ and its going to be a hell of a ride.

Here at we think there might be something to glean from this video footage and the way the FocknRollers go about things. We have met them once and they sure are a weird bunch of guys, but actually they are really liked a lot here where we come from. Watch out for all of this pretty soon.

Oh one last thing, they have a website so go over there and get a look at what they are all about... I can't wait. and they have a classic video rockumentary style that only Blan could really produce.

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