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Please note this page may well ask you to allow active content. It's just the videos. If you don't want to do that then just click my YouTube channel ITS-HERE and watch them all on YouTube. I have added many videos over some time; this is page one and videos are in 355x200 resolution but you can go full screen HD if you want to and I recommend it!

Please be patient as the page may take a while to load. There's probably far more than 30 videos on this page alone. These now cover amplifiers, guitars, playing, modifications ( mods ), many reviews, personal views and other music related things; all videos are compiled by me and are completely my own work; respect the copyright on these videos as it takes me literally years to develop them all indeed as it does this website.

I do NOT get paid for content, if ever I do I will say so. I buy all my own equipment just like you and do not make money from the videos or this website. My reviews can be completely trusted to tell it the way that it really is with music gear!

These videos are watchable in HD on a full screen - just choose the HD then click full screen, it makes a big difference. These videos are just going to be added forever so bookmark the page like I said or visit YouTube to see them in the cloud; there's so much stuff on this site it gets harder to organize the menus. Anyway, you do want to see more stuff? don't you?

So here are the video reviews page one :


How to: Biasing Marshall Tube Amps 1987X and tube matching Bias Master in use | tonymckenziecom

I recently bought a 1987X reissue 50w Marshall Amp and decided to show how to bias the amp after a tube change. There's lots of useful information about tubes, matching etc. and shows how to do things the easy way. This video shows the TAD Bias Master in use too and a few things about two new tubes that were mismatched and how to solve that.


BluGuitar Amp1 Thomas Blug Nano Tube Amplifier Inside and Out Review : tonymckenziecom

Full Inside and Out review of the BluGuitar Amp1... with playing at the end first (32:55) by myself then Thomas Blug (36:42) Live. My sound was specifically setup like a driven JTM45 so it sounds completely different than what I might usually achieve with my usual amps. This rather unique floor Amp1 uses a nano tube inside... like a mini tube so you can get some pretty cool sounds from it. Priced well with loads of features. Find out if its really any good? With three distinct 'channels' plus a boost button and reverb this 'amp' has a lot to offer and a lot to deliver on. The BluGuitar Amp1 is well made and you can 'tune' or customise those channels to your exact tones with adjusters on the side of the unit. Check it out!


The Drop Detuning Pedal Inside and Out Review : tonymckenziecom

I hate to say this, but 'The Drop' pedal from Digitech is simply the worst pedal I have ever reviewed! It took TWO pedals to complete this review and ultimately it all was returned - check this review to see why! It could save you some money.


How to KNOW when a tube fails in your amp and JJ Tube testing review : tonymckenziecom

Find out how to spot damage to a tube easily... and even select tubes that have been overheated. Ever been bothered about Power Tube failure in your amp? Here's a great example of one that failed while I watched it! Short analysis of JJ tubes too.


Ampirics Rakk Light for a Guitar Rack full Review : tonymckenziecom

Here's a novel piece of equipment if you have a Rack effects unit... all too often the rack cannot be seen too well in those dark stages at a gig... but Ampirics have solved all that with the Rakk Light. I review a clear and a purple one. These rack lights are awesome for solving low light problems, but also for promoting your name or your band while you're on stage. The quality is excellent.


Greg Howe Playing Through a DV Mark Maragold Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Greg Howe playing through a DV-Mark Maragold at the Music Messe 2015. Towards the end of the video they turned down the guitars because of the noise.


Two Notes Guillaume Pille showing New Products at the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Here is Guillaume Pille from Two Notes showing the latest innovations and products on the Two Notes stand at the Music Messe. Guillaume takes you through the 'Studio' software and shows some exciting new floor pedals and who better to demo than the president of Two Notes himself. Thank you Guillaume for the time spent.


DigiGrid IOS over Ethernet and SoundGrid Studio Recording Music Messe 2015 tonymckenziecom

Here's a demo of the DigiGrid IOS and associated systems from Waves and Digi Group. These units are useful for modern day studios because of the flexibility, cost and performance ratios and simple(ish) to use.


Ola Englund Amp and Settings in his own words Live Music Messe 2015 tonymckenziecom

Ola Englund Amp Settings directly from himself! Yes.. right from the horses mouth at Music Messe 2015. Ola then goes on to play a track or two with these exact settings and equipment. Thank you Ola for the time you gave me on this video.. greatly appreciated.


AMS Neve Genesys Black G32 Analogue Digital Recording Console Music Messe 2015 tonymckenziecom

The AMS Neve Genesys Black G32 console is one of the new leaders of the pack in price and performance for an analogue recording console/surface that is digitally controlled. Check it out on this short video as David from Neve shows us some of the features. This console is approximately 50,000 Euros.


Trevor Wilkinson New Vintage Fret King at the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Trevor Wilkinson is responsible for the Vintage, Fret King, Wilkinson guitar parts and pickups and a whole lot more. Check out this new guitar from Trevor. Would you buy one? Give us your opinion on this guitar!


Recording Technology at the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Recording technology from Yamaha (Rivage and Nuage), Neve, TF and CF Mixers, Toft Audio, Roland, Boss, Behringer, Raven, Tascam, Steinberg and more. Check out this new technology view from the Music Messe 2015.


Jerry Donahue Live at the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Jerry Donahue on the BluGuitar stand playing a really awesome piece of music live at the Music Messe 2015. Jerry really needs no introduction from me that's for sure... he reminded me so much on this piece of Roy Buchannan (RIP Roy) I actually told him afterwards. In any case Jerry... great guitar from a master player.


Thomas Blug Live BluGuitar Pedal Video One at the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Thomas Blug... a really brilliant guitarist that can play most styles of guitar. Thomas is always great when I have seen him live.. and he's as good on the recorded stuff too. Check him out here on this first of hopefully two videos. You should check out his CD's and videos too!


Yamaha AG-06 Mixer Review Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

The NEW Yamaha AG-06 is a mixer that could be really useful for a guitarist... it can be controlled (settings) by an iPAD, has a load of effects built right in and even has a Guitar Amp simulator! Check it out on this short video.


Andy James Live Video One Playing at the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Anyone who loves fast rock or metal will have probably heard of Andy James. Either way... here's a first video of Andy playing guitar live at the Music Messe in Germany 2015. As always, Andy is really on form and his playing can only really be described as perfect when you're there. The audio on this video is reasonable, but please bear in mind this was filmed standing right next to the PA! This is a first of two or three videos in this short series from the Music Messe. Andy is playing his signature guitar through a Randall amp if I remember correctly...

Roland Boss SY-300 Guitar Synth NEEDS NO INTERFACE Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

At Last! A guitar synthesiser from Roland Boss that NEEDS NO INTERFACE and the tracking is exemplary... this is a polyphonic guitar synth too. There are loads of new features in this unit - full review of Inside and Out coming soon on and


Roland Blues Cube Being Played at the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

The Roland Blues Cube promises to 'do away' with tubes in guitar amps as we know them! Tubes have 'that' tone all guitarists love... so just how good is the Roland Blues Cube (also available as a head and cab) in real life being played? This short (10 min) video shows two styles of music blues and rock being played through this amp. There is no doubt that Roland is on to something here... the amp in both situations sounded great (excuse the rude people crashing in on the second video causing me to relocate) and this amp could be the start of something big. I WILL BE REVIEWING THIS AMP INSIDE AND OUT at a later date. Coming up in August 2015.


Ola Englund Playing at the Music Messe 2015 Video One : tonymckenziecom

Here's a short video of Ola Englund playing two tracks at the Music Messe 2015. Ola is using a Randall 'Satan' head and a Washburn 6 string guitar. Play it LOUD!


Yamaha TF Digital Mixing Desk Introduction from the Music Messe 2015 : tonymckenziecom

It looks like the TF series of new mixing desks from Yamaha are going to be a great success. Check out this introduction by Christian (a Yamaha employee) at the recent Music Messe 2015 where this console was launched. It's a very powerful mixer and very cost effective too.


Tony Iomi's Laney Amplifier Amp Inside and Out Review With Playing April 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Tony Iommi needs no introduction. Here is Tony Iommi's amplifier under review. I show the inside and out of this amp, exactly what's great about it (lots) and what is not. Get a complete rundown of Tony's amp and hear those EXACT tones at the end of the video when the amp is played (War Pigs!). Compare the tone yourself. This is a review like no other of Tony Iommi's amp on YouTube... see exactly what makes this amp tick and what the results are of Tony Iommi himself spending two years of his life bringing his exact tones to reality in this amplifier - the TI-100.

There's no doubt about what this amp will sound like... and if you ever play one then you will realise that Tony Iommi's dream of encompassing his tones forever in an amp have been realised. With EIGHT preamp tubes you just know that there will be a certain amount of mayhem when its turned on. So find out the truth about what makes Tony Iommi have one of the most completely memorable tones in the world. Don't look for clean tones - they are hardly there... think two channels BUT with two pre amp boost's on the top of it all.. think you know amps? think again. Guitar played within the video for tone comparisons.


Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic Inside and Out Review April 2015 : tonymckenziecom

The Royal Atlantic RA-100 has often been associated with the Electra Dyne from Mesa Boogie... but in reality the Royal Atlantic bears little by way of sound to its stable mate. With a brilliant Multi-Soak feature that can shut down any channel to just 3 watts this could be an amplifier for the masses - but is it? And just how good does it sound... Find out now! The RA-100 is 100 watts of high power that can be tamed with the flick of a switch for ANY channel so this in effect means that you can play this high powered amp even in the bedroom. We take you inside and out of the amp and show the build and similarities to the Electra Dyne from Mesa Boogie and lastly show the amp in action with a played instrumental track.


Kemper Remote Inside and Out Review as you have never seen it  2015 : tonymckenziecom

Here's a quick review of the new Kemper Remote showing what's inside and the basics of how it connects and works on the Kemper Amplifier. Not a lot to say about this 'remote' except it is exactly that... a remote pedal - rather than some midi controller etc. and indeed it has the features of a 'remote' and not really those of a decent midi controller like the Ground Control or Midi Raider to name just two.


How to Convert a Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne to 230-240 Volts New PT March 2015 :

Buying Mesa Boogie Amps outside the USA is costly. So import a USA one and do this conversion.. will work for UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia and many more places. YOU NEED ABILITY TO DO THIS - THERE IS HIGH DANGER! However, it really is not rocket science and my conversion worked first time. The method is similar to some other Mesa Boogie amps too!


Xotic SL Drive Pedal Inside and Out Review Exotic Feb 2015 : tonymckenziecom

Here's a short review inside and out of the Xotic SL (Plexi) Pedal loaned to me by a friend. Is this pedal really like the Plexi from Marshall? or is it just another marketing thing and sounds like everything else? Audio examples at the end of the video so make up your own mind!.


Convert a Kemper Amplifier Rack to a Kemper Powered Amp Rack - Review Feb 2015 : tonymckenziecom

When Kemper said that they would not convert the unpowered rack preamplifier to a powered one that was a major blow to many users. I recently converted my unpowered Kemper rack to a 2 x 90w (per side) powered rack amplifier (I mistakenly said 290w per side - my apologies) and here I show you exactly how to do it. This can save a fortune of selling and buying a replacement Kemper amp just because there is no power amp inside. Amplifier from This is a useful video even if you don't own a Kemper Amp - see how easy (or hard) it is to add a power amp to equipment. Please note that if you are not qualified or have no idea of how to do this conversion then don't do it. I accept no liability whatsoever if you do.


Michael Kelly Guitar Model 55 Inside and Out Review with playing January 2015 : tonymckenzie com

Can a mid priced Korean made guitar really compete with higher priced guitars? Does Korean manufacturing make this guitar any worse or better than a bottom end guitar? Find out the surprising results of this Michael Kelly 55 guitar and exactly what you get for the money. Michael Kelly guitars have been around for some time but may be a new name to you depending on where you come from. Check out this 55 model - see the features and benefits close up and personal, then listen to Tony play this exact guitar and hear the sounds that he gets in the studio.


Mesa Boogie Cab Clone Inside and Out Review with playing January 2015 : tonymckenziecom

The Mesa Boogie CabClone as you have never seen it - an Inside and Out review. Is this thing a glorified DI or is it much more than that? is it really worth the price against a DI? Find out with this no holds barred review. While the CabClone could be described as a glorified DI box it's really much more than that. Check the inside and out then I play this unit through a PA and direct to the video camera from the desk with great results.


Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne Inside and Out Review - What's this Amp All About? :

The Electra Dyne is a Mesa Boogie Amp that's not like a Mesa Boogie! Although now discontinued find out exactly what you're missing with this Inside and Out Review. See exactly how this amp is made and sounds - its far from the regular Mesa sound. But also find out about some shocking price costs for Mesa accessories in the UK - exposed for what it really is - a complete rip off! Actual prices are shown as of December 2014.

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