Mesa Boogie Triaxis Specifications

Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp Specifications

Specifications for the ordinary user


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This awesome preamp has got some amazing features - and likely not available on ANY other preamp in the world - yes it's THAT good. What makes this the best preamp really great? You do have to know a little bit about how to drive it and have the right power amp, but apart from that - if you want the best there is then get a TriAxis preamp from Mesa Boogie. Try and get the V2 Version!

Heres the specs:

  • 5 x 12AX7 Valves or tubes
  • 8 completely unique modes
  • 90 storage memories for sounds
  • Full Midi Implementation inc Data Dumps to computer
  • Effects Loop
  • 4 x External Switch Controllers for outboard equipment
  • Stereo Out and Superb Stereo Recording Out Modes Available - • Rhythm - Green = Vintage Mark 1 Black Face • Rhythm - Yellow = Modern Ultra Clean Rhythm ( Mark IV ) • Lead 1 - Green = Vintage Mark 1 Lead • Lead 1 - Yellow = High Gain Marshall Style Sound • Lead 1 - Red = Marshall Shred Style Lead • Lead 2 - Green = Medium Gain Boogie Lead • Lead 1 - Yellow = Classic Boogie Lead ( MkIIC/MkIV ) • Lead 1 - Red = Searing Boogie Lead
  • The Triaxis preamp is digitally controlled but with a difference - over 3 years of R&D, Boogie quality, simple controls almost like knobs, smart amp controls that can change the overall voicing of the main power amp, continuous controller for every sound related parameter in the unit and a huge number of 90 preset sounds for instant recall. Because you can map these presets to anywhere with the Ground Control system; in reality any sound is just one button away; if you know which ones to press, but that's why you're here? right?

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Tubes are what do it in the Triaxis... REAL tubes! so let's not worry too much about the emulators.


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