Fender  Custom Stratocaster Build 2 Tony's Guitars

I learned a lot from building Fender Stratocaster No 1 but this made me want to build no 2 and here it is - completely unique and in all its glory.

Fender Stratocaster Custom Build No 2 Guitar - 2008

I have a great collection of many leading brands of electric guitars including Gibson, Fender, PRS, Ibanez and others. Check them out from the 'Tony's Guitars' section of this website. While the images are not huge, the quality is - so you get a real idea of just what this guitar is like in real life. Many are reviewed on the reviews pages so don't forget to check those reviews out. Also don't forget to visit the images gallery with a section showing my guitars in high resolution images. Many of the guitars are quite rare now.

Getting a guitar the way you want it to be is really the reason for making one in the first place. You can choose custom parts to get that guitar to the exact instrument that you can never buy. Of course if you simply want a Stratocaster go and buy one from Fender! They make great guitars. But if you need more... then going down the route of doing this yourself will firstly save you a fortune and secondly that guitar will be very unique as indeed this one turned out to be. And those 69 pickups from Fender are awesome.

I made the first Stratocaster Style guitar then went on to make this one. This custom made Fender Stratocaster was made in 2008 by me. It took approximately three months of work to arrive at what you see here. Checkout the Review... that's on this site too.

  • Fender custom built stratocaster - unique
  • Made in 2008 to be played
  • Hollow body with superb figuring
  • Very light guitar
  • Fender Abigail Ybarra pickups from 1969
  • Case: Fender grey stratocaster case


Lightweight Fender Custom made guitar - click for larger image

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