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Jimmy Page has always been associated with Gibson Les Pauls. This is a 1995 issue of his guitar.

Gibson Les Paul JP Model 1995

My collection of guitars has grown and grown over the years; it's true that I have more guitars than it is healthy to keep but if you are a guitarist somehow you never have enough of them and I really don't know the reason why. I have loads of brands like the Gibsons, Fenders, Ibanez, Paul Reed Smith and I even have some I built myself. In the 'Tony's guitars' section of this website I show them quite simply as what they are a great collection, but if you want to know more about the guitars I own I have reviewed many on the guitar reviews page.Here we have a Gibson Jimmy Page model; this guitar was the first attempt by Gibson at making this model in 1995 and mine is an earlier one; later up until 98 or 99 they started to make the sunburt more like a horrible red line around the edge of the guitar rather than what is shown on this example.

Later Gibson made two 'new' Jimmy Page models with soaring prices and indeed the last ones made with a signature were rediculously expensive. I paid about £2700 back in 1996 for this one and although I have played it a lot it is in extremely good condition.

Heres the details of Tonys guitar:

  • The Gibson Les Paul JP 1995
  • This is no longer made
  • Figured Top - uncommon on this Model
  • Jimmy's Switching System and Special Neck Contour
  • Case: Exterior: Black Reptile Pattern
  • Hard shell Interior: Green Crushed Velvet with Green Shroud Silkscreen with Jimmy Page Signature: Silver 'Gibson USA' logo

This guitar is reviewed on the guitar reviews page.


The Gibson Jimmy Page 1995 click for larger view

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