Triaxis Preamp and the DMC Ground Control System

The Triaxis is a hard thing to get your head around; STOP and find out how to do it right here

Triaxis Control with the DMC Ground Control System

If you have a Mesa Boogie Triaxis setup and cannot control it.. it's time to either get some really good controllers or just sell it! No REALLY, if you have one of these and you can't control how it works then you are in for some really bad times. But wait, there is help at hand. While DMC are not the only one out there that makes good control stuff, in my opinion they are probably the best there is; Rocktron do some thing s too as do others, but they are usually too expensive.  The Rocktron midi raider is now much cheaper and the patchmate 8 has been reintroduced so Rocktron is once again a contender for control of rack gear.

Download the Preset Editor for the Triaxis here: Preset Editor

Here's what I use (well one of the things) to control the rig via midi, but the units here can also be used for anything - I use them today to control much more than just the triaxis.


System mix plus now sadly discontinued; grab one if you see it


DMC GCX switching units; click for larger view


Ground control standard pedal (now discontinued)


The DMC ground control pro - current product

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