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Guest Reviews written by tonymckenzie.com visitors. These are reviews by people who visit this website. You must own the gear to review it, and be completely impartial in the review.

Guest Reviews at tonymckenzie.com

Do you think you have what it takes to write an impartial review for equipment you have bought and own? This page is an introduction to how you could get your review of equipment on tonymckenzie.com

I am always looking for guys who are serious in helping others to find out about their equipment for guitarists, whether guitars, amps, effects or anything else. If you have some piece of guitar related gear that you think you can write a review about then listen up, here's what you have to do:

  • Own the gear and be independent musicians
  • Write a completely unbiased review touching on the good and the not so good points
  • Conclude the review with a section that defines for others whether the equipment is good, bad or just plain ugly
  • Offer a points out of 10 that you would give on an independent basis
  • Include high resolution quality images to be included in the review

I do reserve the right to remove all and any links in any submissions and to edit accordingly if I think the review could offer the reader more. I do not accept reviews from ANY manufacturer or manufacturers representative; I'm only interested in making great reviews by independent USERS of the specific equipment.

I reserve the right to reject any submitted review without reason and if the review is published on this site you agree that the review becomes completely the copyright of tonymckenzie.com and relinquish all and any other rights to that review; you will be given full credit for the written review of course. However, you will remain responsible for all liability regarding what you have written if it is simply untrue. That's the way it has to be!

Please do contact me by the contact form and I'll take a look at what you have reviewed. I look forward to seeing what you have written in due course; its just got to be about musical equipment in one way or another and nothing to do with monkeys, cars, snakes or anything else you might think of. Now go on LAUGH!

Thanks for your interest in tonymckenzie.com

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