Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp for Guitarists

Mesa Boogie Triaxis: How to connect it. How to control it. Downloads of presets. Everything you need to know about the Triaxis preamp and 2:90 power amplifier.

Triaxis Preamp from the gods - Mesa Boogie


The Triaxis preamp for guitarists; click for larger view

I have intentionally 'broken up' this section of the website for the Triaxis from Mesa Boogie. Check the top menu for sections on each component of the Triaxis and how to set this amp up as well as download sounds from other users and a program to use with the Triaxis (you will need win95 compatibility to run it).

Get advice and pre-set downloads right here. The Mesa Boogie Triaxis was developed some time ago by mesa Boogie but its still for sale even today. But in the world of Preamps this has remained the preamp from the gods - completely unchallenged over the years and used by many on their path through guitar rockdom (if that's a real word) to being some of the most famous guys in rock in the world today. Notice I said ROCK. Ill say it again - R O C K.

Don't bother if you have anything else in mind. But take this preamp and hook it to a Mesa Boogie 2:90 and you will undoubtedly have one of the finest rack amps available for any price; period.

And its still that way today. But there is a little problem to overcome; OK its a big problem. The setting up of one of these Triaxis rigs with a 2:90 and all the outboard kit will blow your mind especially if you have little idea about what you are doing. Don't let ANYONE tell you its simple, it is not. But there is help right here on this website you can get everything you need to know about the setting up of the Triaxis and 2:90 and even which other gear will switch for you as well as general wiring for the rig.

So go on, get out there and buy one cheap on eBay or similar site; get a 2:90 (essential in my view) and lets get started together on the Mesa Boogie Triaxis pages right now!

Here's a short introductory video of the rig I had; it was made a long time ago back in around 1997 so don't be too critical!


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