Mesa Boogie Cab Clone Inside and Out Review

The Mesa Boogie CabClone is a way to get good DI output to a PA system. But how good is it? and is it worth the high cost?

Mesa Boogie Cab Clone Inside and Out


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Getting great tones when you play guitar through a PA (for example) or recording guitar can be difficult to achieve. Sure there are many devices for direct output that in some way have cab emulation built right in there. But often those units will not take the full 100 wayy output of your amplifier and you could end up with a damaged amp and/or the DI box.

Mesa Boogie decided to bring to the market a 'CabClone' device which effectively reduces that 100 watts input to either a balanced or unbalanced output without affecting the guitar amp itself. What's more, you can still continue to use the amplifier connected to the cab if you want to.

The CabClone output was designed to sound like a Mesa Boogie cab! what else! It's unlikely they would make it sound like a competitors cab right?

I do believe that this product was partly developed from the experiences gained from making the Royal Atlantic amplifier as that amp had an attenuator on each channel and that's a rather unique way of doing things.





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