Awesome John

Awesome John is not called that name for any old reason - check out exactly why he really is the best gunslinger in town...

Awesome John, also known as Asim Can Gunduz

Awesome John does not have this name because he is not awesome! You had better believe in this guy - he really IS awesome - check him out on the internet... also visit as that site is all about Awesome John's Fender custom made guitar.

Awesome has played all around the world in Hard Rock cafe's and similar places, but in more recent times he has taken over Russia - that's right, this guy is all over the TV channels and special programs which are on all the time over there.  Awesome has even started to develop his own guitars and if you find them on the internet they look pretty cool; go on take a search for him and you will not regret it. The speed that Awesome John plays at is devastating, but you know what, he is a really nice guy with a massive sense of humour. One of the best guitar players around!

Update... I am sorry to say that Asim passed away in June 2016. RIP Asim... you were one of the best and a really nice friend.

Here's an image of Asim and Tulay his wife at the time they were married.


And here's Asim playing...



Check out also for more about awesome john! Awesome John images (c) Asim Can Gunduz.

RIP Asim..  you will be missed for sure.


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