PROEL WM240 Guitar Wireless Review

Proel WM-240 guitar wireless system has a low cost but looks pretty good... But is it really going to be robust and reliable? Find out in this inside and out review.

Proel WM240 Guitar Wireless System Simple Review


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This is not an 'in depth' review as there is really not that much to say about the Proel WM240. I bought this guitar wireless unit with a £100 ($125) voucher they gave me when I bought a Fender elite Stratocaster and thought that the Proel might be a good idea to review as it is low cost and readily available from most guitar outlets or stores.

What is really good about this unit is the fact that it operates on 2.4Ghz and because of that here in the UK (and the rest of the world) it needs no special license as some of the older stuff does... get caught using one of those systems and no license and you will live to regret it! And here in the UK the government (or Ofcom) do go around clubs etc. and check for offenders. Ouch!

There are never going to be 10,000 features on a bottom end unit like the Proel WM240, but what you get really is worth the money and there is the 'odd' feature that seems to be omitted from other solutions... such as a volume adjustment on the main unit - an omission from some far more expensive systems. I also liked the fact that in the sender unit (that you wear) that there was a small screwdriver included under the cover to allow adjustment of the output - once again not always found on more expensive gear.


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The range on this unit is around 25 metres or about 100 foot and is quite adequate for many situations. Now then, unless you're Angus Young I guess that's plenty far enough for you right? Note by the way that there is no balanced output on the main unit - just an unbalanced 6.3mm or 1/4 inch jack.

The unit is mains driven with a wall mounted power supply and its interesting to note that while this unit is clearly marked as made in China, it is designed in Italy where there are a surprising number of guitar related manufacturers these days. The unit carries full CE & RoHS credentials too unlike some products that I have reviewed.

Overall not a bad piece of guitar gear and I can recommend it for the money...

Conclusions and score

The Proel WM240 was bought on a whim (as we do) and I was surprised at just how good this budget unit really was. It offered quite a lot for what was in reality a low ticket price and I guess you could find it cheaper if you looked around. It's not the best wireless unit... but what do you want for that sort of money? Proel guarantee it so what's to lose?

I did think that the 25 metres or 100 foot range could be limiting for some guys (but none that I know) so the final score on this wireless system is a strong 7 out of 10.

There's not much to see, not much to 'knock' and not much to pay either so overall an interesting wireless system suitable for the amateur musician but I would not extend that to fully professional use any time soon.

Here is the original video review of the Proel WM240 Guitar Wireless System that I completed from my YouTube channel.


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