Big Dan Studios in the UK

Big Dan Recording Studios is based in Stoke on Trent in the UK

Big Dan Recording Studios

Big Dan Studios was conceived in around 1994 because of a need to record music at a cost effective price with good results. The recording industry for bands was getting harder - mainly because the affordable studios stopped taking bands. Like everything else in life there is always an answer. The answer for me was to build a studio where technology played a big role without scary costs.
So Big Dan Studios was born. In those early years the studio used a Yamaha Analogue desk on to a Fostex hard Disk recorder. What might indeed sound not so good today as far as technology is concerned in those days that was the way ahead. Later the Studio updated to a Mackie HD recorder and an o2R Digital desk which was really the highest level of equipment that could be bought from the funds available.

But like many things even that became outdated, so I once again did some updating to an O2R96 Digital desk, Eventide Outboard and a host of other outboard stuff. Visit Bigdan Records - my record company from the link below. I had actually been recording since the mid 70's and at that time I used reel to reel tape recorders and other stuff - how it's moved on. Today big dan studios can record and produce at 96 KHz (better than you can hear!) and master a CD right there and then or upload immediately.

The studio has developed continuously and has recorded some great artists, some of which have recorded some awesome music. Those artists have ranged from regular bands, solo male and female artists, jazz bands, choirs, and even a real bona fide opera singer who had travelled the world singing and was a real 'name' in his area of music. The basic idea of the studio is to offer musicians recording time at a low cost without affecting the quality of the recording. That has been proved to be a success over time with different artists returning again and again. However, these days I don't really have too much spare time for recording projects of other guys so let's just say that big dan studios now is only for recording close friends and myself.

The last album 'Berner Street' from Mckenzie - Bruce is an album where you could win $10,000 (or £5000.00) by solving the puzzle from the music. That album, and my previous work 'Eniac' were both recorded at big dan studios so if it's up to my standard the quality is likely to be up to yours... who knows... maybe you prefer a portastudio?


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