Baroni-Lab Vintage Effects Pedals Review

Baroni-Lab: They have made a number of 'Vintage' sounding effects pedals for guitarists that want those sounds of yester year. But how effective are these units in capturing original and vintage tones?

Baroni-Lab Effects Pedals Review


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Remember the 60's? or even the 70's? Sure you do! But even if it's all vague, or even if you were not there, you will have heard loads of vintage tones from all those classic albums from great musicians.

Well it can be really hard to get those tones these days, what with multi channel amps, digital effects units, quiet pickups (LOL) and other modern sounding effects boxes.

But Baroni-Lab (a reputable company you might not know but should know about) have spent some time re-creating the original vintage tones that many guys need for their stage presence or recording requirements, so I thought I might take a look at some of their effects pedals. It looks worth checking out their amps too.

In this review I cover four of the vintage pedals (see below) and take a close look even checking inside these units to see the quality of them to ensure that the build really is good (and no doubt better than those early original vintage pedals that we once used LOL).

Following the inside of the pedals we do check out the sounds too and that was a very interesting thing as to be honest I had not used pedals that sounded so vintage well, since I was there back in the early 70's :)

These pedals are made in China these days for certain parts of the world and in Italy for other parts of the world but don't hold that against them! Many great pedals available today are also made from those places and some of them lead the world in technology.

Checkout the full inside and out review of Baroni-Lab pedals below to find out more.

It's not often that a manufacturer talks to me regarding a review. Why? you might ask.

Well the answer is quite simple really, think about that question this way: You're a manufacturer and you decide to send of equipment to a reviewer for his once over. That reviewer checks out what you did 'inside and out' challenges and questions everything that is in the product, questions quality, questions price, warranty, and anything else and to round it all off the reviewer uses your equipment and then rates it overall in the real world! Would you want to send your gear for review to a guy like that?

Of course in reality, looking at it the 'other way around' if your musical equipment gets past him, then you really have a fantastic reccomendation for your gear right? So Baroni-Lab decided to send me four pedals to review from their vintage line-up. I almost always buy the equipment I am going to review (unlike many other so called reviewers) and that way there is simply no bias whatsoever for or against the company or its products. However, regular readers will know that in reality it makes no difference to the outcome of my reviews.

In any case Baroni-Lab sent me four effects pedals for guitar and I guess you could use these on bass guitar too. These comprised of the 'Light Sustainer', the 'TUBES Hard & Color', the 'Opto Comp' and lastly 'The Chorus'. The titles of these pedals gives away the effect in the main. Below we'll review each pedal as listed above.

Baroni-Lab 'Light Sustainer'

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Baroni-Lab 'TUBES Hard & Color'

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Baroni-Lab 'Opto Comp'

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Baroni-Lab 'The Chorus'

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This review is being developed right now so check the news page for updates.

Here is the video review I developed when I originally reviewed these pedals on my YouTube channel.

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