Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp Rack Design and Layout

Mesa Boogie Triaxis: My Exact Rack Layout

Triaxis Rack the perfect design? or not...

You can now download a PDF document that's great for printing by clicking the link below. I have spent a long time preparing this document - be aware that is copyright If you use it ANYWHERE ELSE - THEN YOU MUST LINK TO THIS SITE AND ACKNOWLEDGE MY COPYRIGHT.

Getting the rack layout correct is absolutely paramount to making the Triaxis and the 2:90 power amplifier work in a good way. And there is no doubt that it is super easy to get things wrong. The schematic of my old rack might just be what you need to get your system up and running and under control (which to be honest is the most important and difficult part of the whole thing. Choose your rack setup carefully.


My last Triaxis in the rack with a 2:90; click for larger view


Schematic download Diagram-HERE or click for larger view

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