Mesa Boogie Road King II Amplifier in Use

Tne Road King; its not an easy amp to setup but I show you how to get to grips with it. This is all about how to get the Road King II sounding like a dream.

Mesa Boogie Road King II in use

The Road King II can be a difficult but great amp. If you check out the other 'recto' amp pages on this site I have covered those in a similar manner and they all have similar traits and difficulties when it comes to sound from these style of amps. But the Road King II has more of everything and can offer a unique flexibility not found on any other amp (not even the newer Roadster).

This all comes with increased complexity for the setup and while its true that many guys will in fact not use some of the features its also true that if you want to it can be a real pain to get what you want out of this amp. Thats where this page and the other Road King II pages on this site come in.

While I cannot give anyone a definitive solution (each setup and sound) is different as is every style of music and the way you play, there is no doubt that these pages can help you. Even if you just get a few snippets of information for your setup, often thats all you were missing - just those little golden gems of info that change the way you look at your amp.

So read on, who knows, this info just might do it for you.

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