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This is another old Ibanez made in Japan and it's now a rare guitar. I play this one all the time - an RG550LTD..

Ibanez RG550 Japanese Made Guitar

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This is a really great guitar which just goes to prove that price is NOT the reasoning behind a great sound. It has seen extensive modding from new and is used daily. One of Tonys 'fast' guitars.

This one was made in 2005 and bought second user from the USA. Believe it or not I paid at the time just $500 and that included the shipping.

This is an Ibanez RG550LTD. There was much speculation about this guitar when I furst published it on the internet, but it turned out to be the Ltd version in the end (thanks to the guys that identified it eventually, you know who you are).

  • Ibanez RG550LTD Japanese Model
  • Great Design
  • Ibanez Wizard II Neck
  • Pickups modified from standard see below
  • case: Ibanez ABS Case Black

I modified the pickups in this guitar. Out came the originals and I fitted a Jazz in the neck, screamin demon in the middle (never used) and a EVO II in the bridge.


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Best features? Playability and sounds from those awesome pickups. This review will be updated in due course.

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