September 11th 2001 Remembered

Here is something to keep in the back of your mind; its not politics, its not hype, its just cold blooded murder; and it could have been you.

September 11th; 911 - The Turning Point - Remembered

Please understand that my website dedicated to September 11th 2001 and this content is not regularly updated. Its good to remember those people all murdered because of some weirdo who thinks that by killing people he will go to somewhere nice? Eventually he did go away, but not to where he thought.

In any case let us all remember those innocent victims that died and revile the terrorists for what they are. The innocent people that suffered did nothing wrong - see some of their images on my 911 site. That site has been running continuously since December 2001.

  • NEVER forget the innocent
  • There is a lesson to be learned from that and other terrorist acts
  • Think of the relatives who are still tortured daily

REMEMBER - any one of those innocent people could have been you or one of your loved ones. Stay Cool.

You might want to visit my dedicated 911 site at

The dedicated website reflects the position just a couple of months after I wrote the site and nothing has been updated or changed; maybe its better that way.

Tony Mckenzie 

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