Axe Handler Guitar Stand Review

Axe Handler Low Cost Guitar Stand looks a good idea... but just how useful are these simple guitar stands?

Axe Handler Low Cost Guitar Stand Review


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General Idea

Some while ago I made a video review of the Re-Axe Products Axe-Handler... this is a very simple but clever guitar stand that uses your amplifier effectively as part of the 'stand' so that for gigs you may place your guitar in front of the amp. It's a pretty novel idea for sure... now why didn't I think of that. The fact is, often those simple ideas are so simple we just don't see it coming. I had a chat with Jeff Cutler, who kindly sent these two Axe-Handlers to me for review and I wanted to get my website up to speed so here is the review.

Even if the amplifier is shorter or taller it can probably accommodate your guitar as shown above - very novel indeed.

Axe-Handler Versions

There are two versions of the Axe-Handler from Re-Axe... version one which is the older model I'll call the 'SI' model because when you use it the strings face in towards the Axe-Handler. Version two... the newer unit... is called the 'SO' model because the strings face out from the Axe-Handler for that version.

These two units are simplicity itself but there are a number of features for each unit that I should mention.

The Axe-Handler SI


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The 'SI' or strings in unit is shaped like a guitar body... its covered with a soft rubbery material that does not seem to mark your guitar and has some weight behind it. Simply place it as shown on your amplifier and then yopu can safely rest your guitar against the amp without it sliding off the amp... as I have seen on a number of occasions... and causing untold damage to the guitar. The 'SI' will stop that happening. As you can see from the image, the SI unit needs the guitar to face in towards the amplifier. This one typically costs around $16.95 or probably about £20 in the UK (and that's a guess).

The Axe-Handler SO


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The Axe-Handler SO is the later version of the models... but this time you place the back of the neck on the SO unit... or 'strings out'. Again it has weight, but slightly less on this one. The same rubbery material is used to protect the amplifier and the guitar. And similarly just like the other SI unit this one does not slide around when on the amp. Indeed every feature of the SI applies to the SO unit.

But in the case of the SO unit there is another advantage and it's one why I like the SO unit more than the SI unit overall... take a look at this picture.


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As you can see, the Axe-Handler SO can also be used to rest the neck of the guitar as you work on it... replacing strings maybe at a busy gig, or carrying out other maintenance work. For me that's the cream on the cake right there... and for a cost of just $17.95 (or probably £22 at a guess) its a really cool piece of gear you should not be without!


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Overall a couple of nice accessories that are not too expensive, fit anywhere and are easy to carry... perfect for gigs! So I rate the Axe-Handler SI unit at a 7 out of 10 and the Axe-Handler SO unit at an 8 out of 10 purely because the SO unit has other features that the SI unit does not offer.

You can contact Jeff Cutler via the Re-axe website at and the company is based in Gold Canyon (a great name) in Arizona. Tell Jeff you saw my review.


This one is really a no-brainer... these Axe-Handlers are cool bits of gear and great accessories... there are no negatives that I can think of so buy one now! 

Meanwhile here is the original video review I completed from my YouTube channel.


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