Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Amp Power Out

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier: Managing the Power Output

Power Output and how to control it on a triple recto

On the Triple rectifier the only way to manage and control all that volume that is safe really (without other kit) is to ensure that the output control is setup and working correctly like a master volume - and you need the effects controls set correctly to do this - I did cover this in the 'in use' section for the triple rectifier, but its there as broad as daylight in the manual so its an easy thing to get right, otherwise you might become deaf sooner than you think. What did you say?

Other methods of volume control either cost you money and mess with your sound, or do not work. NEVER take out some of the tubes in a triple rectifier to reduce the output.

Firstly you don't need to, you will have the controls set wrong if you can't get your sound at reasonable volume, and secondly when you do mess about, say goodbye to the output transformer and hello to a massive bill for replacing it. Don't waste your time experimenting with this or listening to people on the forums that tell you they have successfully achieved results - it will not work, does not work, and will immediately invalidate your warranty.

The dual rectifier can get lower output by removing the two outer tubes and then using a lower ohm speaker setting to compensate for the load factor. e.g. You need to halve the load as well as halve the output wattage. If your cab is 16 ohms (it should be plugged in to the 16 ohms speaker out on the amp), remove the two outer tubes, then set the amp to 8 ohms out but leave the 16 ohms cab there. In this way its safe to reduce the volume of the dual rectifier - if you must.

But to be honest, one wrong move and you too can buy a new output transformer. Its very easy to get the above wrong - especially when you are in a hurry or are under the stress of setting up at a gig. You may well meet the guy with the triple rectifier in the same repair shop queue waiting for their transformer to be fitted.

BANG - oops there goes another one. Just don't do it!

I strongly recommend that you understand what you are doing here - if you do not then it will be a fair bet that you will get it wrong (it's so easy to do that) and later you will (or may) live to regret it.

Other solutions like 'yellow jackets', hotplates and the like will all affect your sound, usually in a not too good way. The Yellow Jackets (replacement EL84 tubes which fit with a special base) are designed to change the amps sound completely and they will. If you are fed up with Mr Recto then maybe its a choice, but not mine. The Hotplate (like THD, Marshall etc) affect your tone and change the fabric and style of the amp a little. They also load the amp drastically and make it work at very high operating conditions and temperatures so shorten the life of your tubes and maybe the amp itself.

Ask yourself this how many pro's do what you are contemplating? I suspect none and the reasons are few and far between. It's true they often play louder than you (maybe) but it's also true that these guys only really have tone to sell and that's the difference - real tone, not messed around with tone affected by this or that. You don't really think Randall Smith knows nothing about tone on a Triple Rectifier amplifier do you? Surely he would have developed this product to give you the best tone on the world right out of the box and as supplied?

He did. Now stop messing about with the wrong things and lets get some tone out of this thing.

UPDATE: If you are careful you can use the CabClone which can send a signal direct to the PA for more controllable outputs. Check my review on the CabClone on this site.

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