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Links to other websites with other information that I have written or I have faith in.

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Below are some of the other sites I have written over the years. Some are quite old now but the info on them remains the same.

    This site is about the Axe-FX II; is it REALLY that good? OOPS I pulled that site
    you need to check this page on my website for more information.
    Site showing the Engl E670 and how it compares to other amps
    again old site using flash.
    Site showing the Splawn Nitro and how it compares to other amps
    Very old site.
    Site about 'The Dream' unique guitar made for artist by Fender.
    Site showing how a Stratocaster style guitar was made.
    Old website using flash.
    Site shows the Ceriatone Overtone HRM Kit built by Tony Mckenzie in VIDEO
    But the video is now on my YouTube Channel.
    Number One Music space for Tony Mckenzie.
    Site for buying Tony Mckenzie's music albums.
    Site dedicated to all 9/11 victims and families. Never updated since 2001 - think of it as a record of those times.

Needless to say, if you have a decent website about guitars or music and equipment please do fill out our form on the contacts page and I can add you to the list.

I won't just add a website link if you are a manufacturer without reviewing the equipment first and then only if the review is favourable so any company listed here I can tell you has earned it!

A few other links to unrelated equipment:

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