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I started making video reviews back in 2009 for my YouTube channel. Making videos of guitar equipment can be difficult and very time consuming (not to mention expensive) if you want to do it right. Up to now I have made around 180 videos covering guitars, amplifiers, accessories, amp mods, conversions, making a guitar, maintenance and scratch removal and many more subjects. Obviously from the earlier videos when I had far less experience in video production the results were not always perfect. In fact to make a 'perfect' video in every way is not really the objective.

I have now broken down the two video pages to at least six pages because the two page version was unwieldy and took a very long tome to load. These current pages are slow to load but far quicker than the old layout.

I am still adding video to my YouTube channel and indeed in future as it goes on there it will go on to this site with a written review too - one area where my website became neglected a little.

The next review I post (give or take the odd one) will be the Line6 Helix which I will go in to more depth than any other review you will have ever seen from any other source. I believe that the Helix does justify that and I may well compare it directly to the Axe-FX II video that I still have as the Helix is directly comparable.

Other videos to come are a Gibson Les Paul 'All Wood', A new Telecaster Build similar to 'Blue' that I made in Stratocaster form, some Fulltone pedals 'Secret Freq', 'Plimsoul' and even a Dunlop 'Slash' wah that has seen many bad reviews? I wonder if it really is as bad as guys say? And of course hopefully many more to follow if I don't get disillusioned with the music business, the ass h***s who troll the internet or I just stop being alive!

Anyway go to the video pages from the top menu and as you should be able to figure out videos 1 is newer than videos 6 where I come from.

Don't forget that all updates to this website and content updates will be listed as they happen on the news page from now on so that's where you need to bookmark.

Any questions? Simply fill out the contact form and thanks for visiting my website. It has been a privilege to make it for you.

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