Great Guitar Players Recorded Live by Tony Mckenzie

Video of Awesome Guitar Players

Amazing guitarists playing in a live situation

It's one thing to see some of the great guitar players in concert, or at a festival (assuming you can see them) but it's a completely different issue when you are about six feet from them and watching everything they do (sometimes you even see the amp settings or effects they use live) and then you understand just how good these guys are. Let's face it, they do nothing else but play so they should be good.

Over the last few years I have been to a number of venues (usually trade shows) where some of the best guitarists hang out and most are friendly enough to allow me to video their performance exactly as is without any editing whatsoever, you see and hear what they are like as if they were playing for just you.

Some of the guys I have recorded are Thomas Blug, a very cool guy that has the tones of the gods I swear, Andy James who in my opinion is one of the finest guitarists in the styles he plays in the world and a very nice guy to, Ola Englund, who has emerged literally from playing originally on the internet to someone who is today a very accomplished guitarist in the styles he plays, a very affable and likeable guy in real life (it's great to see someone make it in the tough music industry), Jerry Donahue who was one of the Hellecasters and is one awesome player that I do think (on the video I have) sounds like Roy Buchannan and that is no bad thing, Jerry was flawless.

I'll also include below a few videos of guys I don't know the names of but they played brilliantly and that's why they were captured on video here for you.

I do hope that you like these videos and over time I'll be adding more great guitarists and musicians that I get to see close up so let's get down to the video's ands see these guys in action close up and personal on a live stage.

Thomas Blug

Thomas playing exceptionally well using a Triamp

Thomas playing through a BluGuitar 'nano-tube' amplifier


Jerry Donahue

Jerry playing a track that felt as if he was 'Roy Buchannan'.. awesome if a little quiet at times.


Andy James

Andy showing why he's king of modern metal guitar


Ola Englund

Ola playing really well

Ola explains his live guitar rig used for the video


Greg Howe

Greg using a DV-Mark Maragold live


Other Blues and Rock Guitarists

Two really cool guitarists showing off the Roland Blues Cube

Please note that I retain copyright of all videos on this page, but these musicians all hold the copyright to their performance and of course to their music which they kindly allowed me to record.


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