Cry Baby Wah Original 60s Inside and Out Review

Thomas Organ invented this great effect - heard on more recordings than any other effect.

Thomas Organ Cry Baby Pedal 60's Inside and Out Review

Crybaby wah

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I bought this 60s second hand in about 1968. As you can see it's seen some work over the years. Underneath it has lost the original plate that was on there and I have fitted another one. At one stage I did make a baseplate but it was not that good so I got the one you see fitted here.
Just thinking how old this is and how much stick it has had since I bought it all that time ago makes my mind boggle.

Not once has it failed. Yes it has a really scratchy pot in there that seems to lose the scratchiness within about 5 minutes of the thing being used. And hell yes, it is noisy, but those things are part of the sound and I would not change a thing. I also have a reissue of one of these about six years old and while it is quieter and there's no scratch to the pedal, this old one is absolutely better - in every way. from the sound, to the vibe this pedal has it all.

It will not be everyone's cup of tea so to speak, but if you like Jimi Hendrix as i do, then this is a really great pedal to have. Now go and get one for yourself.

I rate this 7 out of 10 because of the noise and scratchiness but it remains a very valuable item in my arsenal of tones.

Here's what I like:

  • Overall Sound of this pedal in full tilt
  •  Part way sounds this pedal gives
  • Sheer vibe of this one
  • NEVER failed to date since 68
  • Hard to find but absolutely worth the effort

Absolutely get one of these!

Here's a link to Dunlop for the current one:


I may well update this short review in the future. Check my News Page for more info. 

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