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Firstly, if you are a manufacturer I don't accept reviews from you or written by you! If you want me to review a piece of equipment then that's OK, but please understand that I will only put my own independent reviews on this website of your equipment or those from other trusted ordinary musicians and individuals who own the equipment they want to write a review about.

Don't expect any 'Andertons' type of reviews because those are designed to get you to buy something. That way of writing a review is not and never has been the idea behind this website. Reviews here are completely unbiased and do not promote any specific product for a sale. If a reviewed product is good the review says so and if its bad it also says so. Biased reviews are frankly not real reviews.

If you write a review for publication that you think is completely impartial as I have just said (and I really do mean that) then you should fill out the contact form Contact-me-HERE and contact me about adding it to this website.

I expect a reasonably lengthy review that includes images that have resolution and quality that should be included with the submitted review. You MUST own the copyright to all images submitted to me. I reserve the right to edit the review for readability and maybe things that are not relevant within a review. Anyone who takes the time to do all of this obviously gets the credits on tonymckenzie.com but title to the published review passes to this website as toes the image copyright. If you write something that is completely wrong and I don't pick that up you will be responsible for that content and any subsequent infringements or actions from others. Those are the only limitations.

So if you have been pining to write a review on any guitar related subject, whether strings, a new guitar lead, tuners, effects, amplifiers, guitars or almost anything related get too it as the page is waiting for your input!


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